TikTok Brand Marketing Report-2021

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In just a few years, TikTok has risen to become one of the most popular social networking sites globally, including over 2 billion installations and more than 1 billion active users. However, companies have indeed been slow to spread the social media management machinery to the young video-sharing site, despite the network’s incredible popularity, particularly amongst Gen Z members (22 years). We researched over 300 companies more than 650 clips from famous TikTok businesses to find out how firms like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Volkswagen maintain their TikTok representation and what succeeds and what’s not on the network to assist you in customizing the TikTok marketing program for 2021.

We Examined A Few Things In Particular

– Which among the most expensive brands was represented on TikTok?

– How frequently did these businesses update on Tik tok and buy tiktok views for it to get viral?

– TikTok platform and video-level analytics for these major businesses

– the finest TikTok videos’ design, style, and information

Not only that, but we’ve generated handy infographics based on this TikTok report that anyone could purchase and utilize in any blogs/posts. Everything we want in exchange is that you post the reference URL for this post. So let’s get this party started.

Post Strategy On TikTok

The greatest brands publish three times each week on average. TikTok’s algorithm, like YouTube’s, favors persistent posting. According to our research, the best-performing TikTok businesses (some with 10,000 or even more median viewers per post) published a video 3.1 times each week on the median. Amazon Prime Video, which uploads over 40 times each week and receives a median of 1.32 million views/video, is at the other side of the chart. However, they are usually samples and samples of the broadcasting app’s recent and future shows, and also, most companies are uncertain about having as much information as the video platform. Netflix, perhaps the only business that may compete with Amazon Prime, updates significantly less frequently (8.5 times per week), as well as the contrast is noticeable.

Marketing Plan For TikTok

What Is The Value Of A Single Follower In Terms Of Views?

Of course, the median views and interaction of a company’s postings are appropriate with the number of supporters it has. The greater your viewership, the more probable the videos will receive shares, comments, and replies. In short, having a large and loyal fan base makes it simpler to go global, and it must be one of the highest priorities on the network.

However, This Raises The Question: How Essential Is Getting One More Follower?

Some firms may organize contests and lotteries that require participants to follow them on social media in exchange for entering. TikTok’s most popular brands are technology, food, and games. After that, we intended to see which companies fared well on TikTok. As a result, we calculated the average number of fans each brand received on the videos and afterward determined the median of this standard for the multiple industries in which each business operated. There are also more alternatives for the firms to gain more fans, they could buy tiktok fans to build their online community. The data revealed that technology & IT businesses performed best, with over 2.3 million visits per posting, followed by food & drink, games, and entertainment. That isn’t to imply that to flourish on TikTok, you have to be a multibillion-dollar technology company. TikTok, like some other social media networks, prioritizes creativity over all else.

Is There A Formula For Making The Best TikTok Video?

All of this prompts the doubt: would there be a secret to creating the perfect TikTok post? Of course, but there isn’t a precise recipe for making a viral video — if there had been, everybody would be doing it! So instead, we looked at the aesthetic, material, and tone of each company’s top five TikTok videos to see what the most popular TikTok videos have in the connection. Let’s start by looking at even the most prevalent content for business videos and how many viewers they get on average.

What Kind Of Content Do The Most Profitable Companies Create Using Tikviral?

As you might anticipate from a business advertising on TikTok, the vast proportion of the posts include one or even more items. In addition, commercial placement appeared in almost 90% of the videos we looked at. So, don’t be afraid to promote your product or brand in the postings. And besides, that’s what social media marketing is all about! Tik tok also has the most extensive support of Tikviral, which is the buy tiktok likes. TikTok businesses are also big on celebrities and influencer sponsorships, with about a quarter of the clips incorporating an advertisement or cooperation.


In this research, we looked at the behavior of the top TikTok businesses and the content and style of the best-performing clips. We want to provide you with the two most significant measures for TikTok achievement: innovation and regularity. We believe that this analysis and the support of Tikviral have aided in the development of your TikTok plans. If it were, we’d appreciate it if you would discuss it with colleagues and friends interested in using TikTok to promote their businesses. And if you’re seeking to capitalize on TikTok’s popularity for your business, you should certainly check out such hot video ideas.

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