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Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

To stay on top of your website rankings you will need to monitor and optimize your website’s SEO. A good and important SERP tracking tool is very important. Whether you are overseeing multiple sites or just one, it’s important to be ruthlessly vigilant in your SEO maintenance. And, when problems do arise, you need to have your tool belt ready to go to minimize the negative effects.

The good news is that there are several monitoring tools that can help you do this effectively. Each of these tools will help you:

            Improve your site performance

            Avoid penalization from poor SEO practices

            Get more traffic than your competition

            Understand your site’s strengths and what is working well

Here are five of the best programs we have found:

  1. Little Wardenstay updated on your SEO performance. Little Warden works every time to detect and prevent errors by running a pre-launch checklist and then providing you with a statement of any issues or problems that need to be addressed. You will have access to more than 30 separate checks, including domain name expiration, SSL certificate expiration, title change detection, redirect checking, Google Analytics changes, robots, and more. Little Warden will allow you to customize your monitoring patrols, add URL’s, change configuration logs, and give you quick and easy results. In addition, you will receive malware detection. Little Warden works well for teams of all sizes and offers two free months every year.


  • ContentKingreal-time SEO monitoring to help you perform your optimization work effectively. You will receive meaningful insights using a wide variety of tools and connections.  You can access your data anytime and anywhere using your cloud-based dashboard. You will be able to see trends and make improvements based on the reports you receive. ContentKing allows you to make changes whenever needed without adversely affecting your site. Functionality can be extended to integrations and API, connecting with analytics, Google Search Console, and publishing flow pay.  ContentKing offers a free trial to help you see all that it can do.
  • Seomator – in-depth SEO analysis and on-page SEO testing. With an intuitive design, Seomator performs SEO audits online by providing comprehensive reports on the site’s SEO and web-based links. You will also receive reports on page speed, backlinks, HTML tags, mobile useability, social media, and content along with a performance analysis with tips on how to fix a variety of potential problems. Among the issues that Seomator can detect are: URL’s that are too long, HREF attribute errors, canonicalization errors, redirect issues, <meta> problems, and many more through its cloud-based tool. You will be able to integrate with other tools found in Google Analytics, MailChimp, WordPress, Slack, and Salesforce (among others).  You can start with a free trial and experience the benefits of using Seomator.


  • Oncrawl – make smarter business decisions with this enterprise-level SEO monitoring tool. Oncrawl combines data science, machine learning, and SEO to increase the effectiveness of your SEO practices. Two tools are offered to you to help pull Google’s BlackBox and help you increase revenue:

Oncrawl Insights – helps increase your SEO effectiveness with prescriptive analysis, which analyzes your website, ranking factor issues, and provides actionable steps to take.

Oncrawl Genius – helps empower your SEO with automation and data science, by giving you adaptable models to apply to your own SEO strategy.

Oncrawl offers a 14 day free trial.

Check out one of these fantastic website ranking tools today, and see your rankings rise.