Perfume Brands For Males

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To all the men out there, as it has always been the game of impression for you, therefore, have you ever wondered what is that one thing which you all can have to make any woman turn head for you? Yes, it is a good fragrance that we are sure everyone can afford because they come in varied budgets and it depends entirely on you how you select one for yourself according to your personality. Frederic Malle Fragrances can be a great consideration in this regard.

In fact, if we elaborate on the importance of having a good fragrance then the smell you carry speaks a lot about your character as well on an individual basis. So, as we promise to take great care of all the men out there, we have come up with our suggestion of top 5 perfume brands for males, including the best of the best, good average performers, and organic perfumes like what Hair Energy offers. Hence, let’s just dive into the details! 

Ralph Lauren Polo Black 

They say you can never beat classics and this perfume does prove the line right. For years, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black has stood the test of time with its unique bold fusion of iced mango, lemon, and tangerine which gets its base right with sandalwood, sage, and patchouli noir. So, overall, you get an aromatic scent and something that will get you attention as well in an instant! 

Hugo Boss, Boss

Although this one came in the year 1998 yet this cologne is another cult classic because of the timeless masculinity that it offers. On the top, you get fruity and citrusy notes like apple, lemon, and plum which then balances out pretty well with a bit of a heavy floral and spicy base that is made with the combination of geranium, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Tom Ford Oud Wood 

Almost every perfume lover knows that oud is considered to be the most precious and expensive ingredient found in perfumes and this cologne by Tom Ford takes great advantage of that with a woody scent that we bet defines luxury the best. It is made up of cardamom, sandalwood, and vetiver along with subtle hints of Tonka bean and amber. So, if you are going to a nice cozy occasion with this, you will thank us later for the number of compliments you are going to get! 

Me Again By Hair Energy 

Me Again By Hair Energy is the first addition to the list that belongs to the budget category but is bound to make you smell extraordinary! A few sprays of it will make you notice an amazing combination of Rose, Jasmine, Saffron, Carnation, Patchouli, Milk, Iris, Honey, Cedarwood, Nagarmotha, Black Musk, Civet, Ambergris. The best part is that it is that for the price tag it also offers great projection and longevity. 

Wasim Akram 502

A lot of people love it for the way Wasim Akram decided to collaborate with the legendary Junaid Jamshed but there is a main reason to love this even more and that is its fougere fruity scent which has also made the perfume a best seller by J. It has main accords of citrus, cardamom, and apple which makes it an ideal year-round fragrance! 

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