Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

If you are a UK employer and want to hire international skilled workers for your venture, you will have to implement a right-to-work check. This process is essential to execute in terms of verifying employee’s rights to work in the United Kingdom. Checking your employees’ legal right to work in the United Kingdom is essential if you are hiring candidates overseas. You must be aware of the UK’s vast immigration rules and regulations. So, this check is essential to adhere to the compilation and immigration rules of the UK Home Office. However, implementing this process can be a challenging task for many. Unawareness of this process also leads to inevitable mistakes; mistakes can put you in such a position where UK visas and immigration authorities can fine you for your mistakes. It may also lead you to legal consequences and may affect your reputation in the UK market. However, in this scenario, UK immigration lawyers can help you tremendously. 

In this specific piece of information, we will discuss some of the common mistakes of right-to-work checks and how to avoid them. 

Common Mistakes of Right-to-Work Checks & Tips to Avoid Them 

Here in this section, we have mentioned some common mistakes employers make while implementing this process. Let’s check out what those mistakes are and how to avoid them. 

  • Mistake #1. 

One of the major common mistakes UK employers make is that they might fail to understand the UK immigration rules and regulations. You must know that UK immigration rules and regulations are subject to change, so it’s crucial to be aware of the latest updates of UK Home Office rules and regulations. It may lead you to indulge in common mistakes. 

Tips to Avoid: The best way to avoid such mistakes is to regularly check the official website of the UK government to check out any latest updates. In this regard, you can also get help from a legal advisor or immigration lawyer; their assistance might help you understand the latest UKVI updates. 

  • Mistakes #2. 

Other common mistakes UK employers make while implementing right-to-work checks can be processing incorrect documentation. Well, in this specific process, it is crucial that you must verify all the original documents of the employees you are hiring for your company. Being an UK employer, if you fail to implement document checks properly, you may have to face severe consequences. 

Tips to Avoid: To avoid such mistakes, it is essential that you must thoroughly check all the documents as per the Home Office guidelines. You must check their passport, immigration status, biometric permits and other relevant documents that prove they have legal rights to work in the UK.

  • Mistakes #3. 

Mistakes made by UK employers include discrimination between EU and non-EU employees. Discrimination based on nationality and job profiles leads you to discriminatory practices, which is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom. The UK government never encourage such unethical practices. 

Tips to Avoid: You must be consistent and treat all your employees equally to avoid such mistakes. A non-discriminatory approach can help you manage your company tremendously. You must treat all the employees equally and ask everyone to submit the same documents. 

  • Mistakes #4.

Right-to-work checks must be implemented during a specific time period. Mostly, UK employers do not care about the timings of this process. They prefer their own timings to implement this specific process. However, implementing this process on time is essential. 

Tips to Avoid: To avoid such mistakes, it is essential to implement this process right after you hire an international employee. Must follow the guidelines of the UK government and execute right-to-work procedures within a legitimate period. 

  • Mistakes #5.

If you hire skilled workers for your UK venture, it is essential to keep records of all your employees appropriately. If you fail to keep the records of your employees, you may have to face severe consequences. However, most UK employer fails to keep records of their employees. Ultimately, it results in penalties and legal consequences. 

Tips to Avoid: To avoid this mistake, it is essential that you must have a robust human resource team. They can keep the records of all employees you have hired for your UK company. The UK visa and immigration authorities typically ask employers to submit the records of their employees from their joining day to the date. 

In conclusion, we can say that implementing this process is essential for hiring international workers for UK employers. It is essential for UK employers to understand the process of right-to-work checks. However, it can be challenging for them sometimes to understand this whole process. But a UK immigration lawyer can help you immensely. There are various immigration law firms in the United Kingdom, such as A Y & J Solicitors. They provide tremendous assistance, and with their support, you can overcome this situation.