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Urdu is the 20th most spoken language in the world. It is mainly used in the South Asian region. It is the official language of Pakistan and one of the many national languages in India. Urdu has been described as one of the world’s most beautiful and civilized languages. In India and Pakistan alone, there are nearly 170 million native Urdu speakers.

So, if you wanted to study Urdu, you will be able to find a Urdu language tutor because the language is no longer limited to the Indian subcontinent, and Urdu speakers can be found all over the world. One should learn Urdu because it is one of the best languages in terms of speaking and listening.

It will be easier to travel to the Asian region if you know Urdu. There are many languages tutor from which one could learn Urdu. The word Urdu comes from the Turkish word Ordu, which means army; nevertheless, Urdu is not genetically connected to Turkish. Urdu was created beneath the impacts of numerous other languages and imported some words from Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Punjabi, Turkish, and Sanskrit. 

This language has one of the most beautiful dialects and accents. In this globalized world, the Urdu language is flourished in many states such as Bangladesh, the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as other regions of the world where Pakistani people have settled this language is being used frequently.

On a conversational level, Urdu and Hindi are nearly equivalent. The biggest distinction is in the way they are written. Urdu, unlike English, is written in the Persian-Arabic script. Urdu is in high demand for translation and interpretation. Urdu is a lot different from Hindi but non-speakers cannot distinguish the difference. 

There are many languages tutor available on the internet if someone wants to learn Urdu. One thing a learner always undermines is that the tutor should be native and well experienced. A native teacher will know about the culture of Urdu-speaking countries and will teach effectively. It will also help in pronunciation and accent.

There is a wide array of knowledge produced by Urdu writers. One could learn from it about the history and many events of the world. The literature covers every aspect of life and they are very entertaining and intriguing as well. Urdu is one of the oldest languages to be used by many famous writers like Allama Iqbal and many more to spread the sophistication of the Urdu language.

On a scale of difficulty, learning Urdu as a second language is moderately challenging. It is difficult than studying some languages but it certainly does not mean that it is too difficult that one cannot learn. It is far less difficult than the Chinese language and many other. It is a very widespread language because many different words are borrowed from other languages to make it more diverse.

The Urdu language has one of the most beautiful sounds of any language, which is why it is still a popular medium for poetry and prose among other non-Urdu speakers. It is rich in history, culture, and religious influences, producing some of the best literary and poetic works that have influenced the region’s sociopolitical, moral, and spiritual growth.

 The culture of the sub-continent is very rich. Every city and village have their own culture, norms, and social values. There are multiple cultures combined in one state. Learning Urdu will help you discover a new culture and with the help of your language tutor, you could get to know more about this region.

There are a lot of online platforms which provide online languages teachers for Urdu. One should immediately enroll its self to learn this amazing language. It will also help in your career opportunity and will open the path for extra knowledge. Learning Urdu will help you travel the Asian region with ease and introduced you to the diverse culture and beautiful region.

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