Ways to Investigate Truck Accidents

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Car accidents alone are very traumatic, but when a truck is involved in an accident, the effect can be very harmful. On top of the huge expenses accrued, the injuries that follow are often life-changing. The reason is that there are now more factors to consider, such as the trucking company and the federal trucking regulations.

After the accident happens, investigations instantly occur and are often very complicated than other automobile accident investigations. It would help if you had a lawyer on your side to navigate the investigation process and gather all the evidence for you. In this article, we discuss some Ways to Investigate Truck crash statistics.

Inspecting the Vehicles:

To start inspecting the vehicles, police officers will take photographs of the interior and exterior of both vehicles. The exterior photos help the police consider how the accident happened and what type of accident it was and who collided with who. Police can tell all those things based on the damage. While with the help of interior photos, police will determine if the drivers were doing anything wrong. The truck cab could carry alcohol containers, illegal drugs, or other items that could have distracted the truck driver.

Visit and Collect the Evidence at the Scene:

Police are often the first to reach the place of a truck accident. That is why they will be able to gather all the evidence that insurance adjusters could miss later because of how fresh the evidence will be. After taking the photos of the vehicles, the accident scene, and the time of the day, they will also inspect the road conditions; examine the tire marks and other signals that could spot the cause of the accident. They will also assess the damage and talk with the drivers involved in the accident to take their statement, if possible.

Truck driver’s Log:

Under the federal regulations, the truck driver needed to complete a truck driver’s log daily to display very important information like his driving time, when he took breaks and when he stopped for a meal. Your lawyer will need to survey the driver’s log to detect that if the truck was driving very long, then allowed by law otherwise violated federal regulations. However, some truck drivers alter their logs, so your lawyer will need to compare the log to other information, like expense receipts and cell phone records, to determine if it is correct.

Talk with Witnesses:

 Depends on where the accident happens, there may be some witnesses police can gather statements from. They may be capable of describing what they saw, heard, or even smelled. Very soon, the police will talk with them, the more details they will remember. Later, a witness may be able to provide sworn written or oral statements. Your attorney can utilize witness statements to support your claim. Your lawyer may be able to clarify what occurs, especially when the truck driver is claiming to not be at fault.

Final Words:

All these above mentions are some of the Ways to Investigate Truck Accidents. It is very important to start the investigation process as soon as possible after a truck accident. Otherwise, the information, data, and evidence can be lost.