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In the past, electricians used color to distinguish different types of wires. The most common colors were black, red, and white. Today, electricians use different colors to differentiate between different types of wires. The most common colors are brown, orange, and yellow. The live wire in the modern electric cable is usually brown.

For as long as electricity has been around, so must protect people from its dangers. In homes and buildings worldwide, coloured wires are used to indicate which wires are safe to touch and which are not. But what colour is the live wire in a modern electric cable?

What Colour Is the Live Wire in Modern Electric Cable

While the colours of electrical cable wire can vary depending on the country, the most common colour for the live wire is red. In some countries, the live wire may also be brown or black. The other wires in the cable are usually coloured black, green, or blue. If you’re ever unsure which wire is the live one, remember this simple rule: red means danger, so never touch a red wire. If you see a red wire, make sure to contact a qualified electrician to disconnect it safely.

Here Are the Different Color of Electrical Wire in Modern Electric Cable

Black Electrical Wires

While many home and office electrical wiring projects are completed without incident, there are a number of safety concerns that should be taken into consideration when working with black electrical wires. Black electrical wires are one of the most common colors that you’ll see in homes and businesses. While there are other colors of electrical wires, black is the standard color for most applications.

Blue and Yellow Electrical Wires

Blue and yellow electrical wires are two of the most common colors used in household wiring. The two colors differentiate between the live (hot) wire and the neutral wire. The live wire is the wire that carries the electrical current, while the neutral wire is not carrying any current. Both of these wires are necessary for the proper functioning of electrical appliances and devices.

White and Gray Electrical Wires

White wires are used for power in most electrical circuits. They are also known as “hot” wires because they can carry a current. Gray wires are used for grounding. They are also known as “neutral” wires because they carry no current. Knowing the difference between these two types of wires can help you avoid problems in your electrical circuits. It can also help you save time and money when wiring your home or office.

Modern Electric Cable

Green Electrical Wires

While the green wire in an electrical outlet is most often used for the grounding circuit, it can also be used for the live circuit in some cases. When it comes to electrical wiring, green is usually associated with the grounding circuit because it helps to keep the circuit safe by providing a path for the current to return to the ground in the event of a short circuit.


The color of the wire does not affect its function. The only time the color of the wire matters is when it is part of a code used to identify the purpose of the wire. For example, black wires are always used as hot wires in the United States in circuits.

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