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It’s always exhilarating after building your eBay stealth account with a strong and reliable reputation. Still, the most frustrating part is if such an account is suspended or restricted on eBay. Having such an experience can cause a vital risk to the development of your business and bring great loss.

That’s why it’s essential for you as a seller to have a second plan, even a third, if that’s the case. Now, the question is, how can you escape this risk? Don’t worry; getting an eBay stealth account can solve your problem.

Now, the question is, what is an eBay stealth account? And how can it solve your problem? You don’t have to worry; I got you. In this article, you will know what an eBay stealth account is, why you should have one and how to make your eBay stealth account.

What Is An eBay Stealth Account?

eBay stealth account is an account created by you but is not linked to your other accounts or previous accounts suspended. In other words, it’s an account with different information, including your name, IP address, browser, and other details from your regular account.

However, it would be best to be careful with your stealth account so that eBay won’t suspend it. Though creating an eBay account is not illegal as you’re not doing it for fraud and others, it’s against the terms of eBay, and it can be suspended if detected.

Why You Should Have An eBay Stealth Account

Most times, getting suspended on eBay might be inevitable, and there is no guarantee for reinstating your account. Not only that, if your account is suspended, all your details, including your name, contact, address, payment details, and others, will be with eBay, and you won’t be able to open another account with the exact details that mean, you’re automatically banned from eBay.

Therefore, since you still need to sell some of your items on eBay and reconnect with some of your customers, creating a stealth account will be the only solution. As a result, you can continue selling without fear of suspension of the new account.

Moreover, most sellers desire to expand their business capacity by having more than one account, but they don’t want them to be linked so they won’t lose all their accounts in case one is suspended. eBay allows sellers to own multiple accounts, but all the accounts have to be linked.

How To Create An eBay Stealth Account

Creating a stealth account is simple, but when creating one, you need to be very careful, so you won’t get it suspended. You must always know that the stealth account must be unique. It must be a new account, with no trace of your former account details. All the details you should use must be new to eBay, so there won’t be any account tracking.

However, there are some significant aspects you must pay full attention to so your stealth account won’t be tracked or linked; these include:

  • Personal details
  • Browsers and flash cookies
  • IP address

Here, I’ll guide you on how to monitor these aspects carefully and prevent your stealth account from being suspended.

Personal Details

When creating your eBay accounts, you must pay full attention to your details. If you mistakenly use any details that have been used on eBay before, you might be suspended. However, these are the major details that should be made new:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Payment details
  • Email Address
  • Home Address

Browsers And Flash Cookies

Your stealth account might be tracked through browser cookies. Once you login into a new browser, eBay drops cookies to track the account. You need to clear cookies before creating your new stealth account. However, there are many tools you can use to clear cookies from your browser; some of them include CCleaner Software, Adobe flash player settings manage, and so on.

Yet, your account might still be suspected if you’re clearing cookies continually in case you have multiple stealth accounts. In this case, you must create a new User account on your PC.

IP Address

One of eBay’s best ways to track accounts is tracking IP addresses. If you use the same IP address of the suspended account for your new stealth account, you might end up losing the stealth account. What you have to do is to change the IP address of your device.

There are many ways you can prevent your IP address from being tracked, like using a VPN or proxies. However, you can also change your IP address entirely by downloading IP changer apps like IP changer + History.

Now, after you have successfully set all these three aspects, you can create your stealth account. Make sure your payment details are not the same as the blocked account.


After going through this article, you should know the essence of creating a stealth account and the risk of not having one. However, as mentioned above, ensure you manage your stealth account with all care by following the step-by-step process mentioned above so it won’t end up being suspended.

Moreover, you can also look for someone that has a substantial and reliable eBay account for sale in case you don’t want to have the stress of creating one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have 2 eBay Accounts?

Absolutely yes, you can have multiple eBay accounts; it’s legal, but they must all be linked according to eBay.

Having an eBay stealth account is illegal since you’re not using it for illegal activities such as fraud and other activities. However, it’s against eBay policy to have a stealth account; you can have multiple accounts, but they must all be linked. eBay is doing this to keep sellers who have been banned away from the platform.

How Much Is A Stealth Account?

You might decide to buy eBay account instead of creating one. However, if you want an eBay stealth account, you should have around $150 – $250. Nonetheless, make sure you buy an account with a reliable reputation.

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