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Live singing is when the artists/performers sing on stage with the orchestra before the audience. Every artist says that live singing makes them connect with the audience, experience the euphoria and get drenched in appreciation in the form of clapping, whistling, etc.

Many artists also agree that a major part of their revenue comes from live performances/shows. Many of the artists perform well in live shows and sometimes it becomes tough for the artists to impress the audience and make the show successful.

What makes an artist’s performance touch the hearts of the audience? Is it rehearsal, good voice or is there more to it? Let us look at some of the tips for artists to make their live performances successful.

1. Sketching a Plan

A well-planned show is halfway through success. The artists have to prepare a list of songs they are going to sing on the stage. Engaging the audience with easy-going songs, in the beginning, something different in the middle, and high-energy songs, in the end, is the success mantra that many artists have shared.

2. Work on remembering the lyrics

To remember the lyrics, the only way is to listen to the song and sing along by looking into the copy of the song as many times as possible Try to memorize the first words of each line or first line of each verse, whatever works for you or triggers you to remember the continuation. Remembering the rhyme also helps in memorizing the lyrics correctly.

3. Practice especially for the Performance

Practicing for a live singing keeping in mind a huge audience is an essential tip. Practice with the right kind of orchestra, mic, and music system to get the right effect and to improvise your performance.

4. Try to practice in front of a Mirror

Practicing your singing in front of a mirror gives a lot of scopes to take charge of your appearance,  standing posture, how to look easy when singing, how to look relaxed, etc. Also, this method brings a huge scope to correct many common mistakes while singing.

5. Warm-up before your performance

Warming up your voice is essential before your singing performance. It brings the vocal cords to your singing range and makes it easy to hit the high notes comfortably.

6. Work on getting over stage fear

Overcoming the stage fear plays an important for giving 100% during the performance. To reduce anxiety, practice breathing exercises before getting on to the stage. Involving in physical activity like walking for a few minutes or jumping will make you feel relaxed.

7. Sing by putting your soul

Singing is an art related to the soul. When you sing from the soul, everyone can connect with you automatically. They will travel with you through the entire song which is important in a live performance.

8. Making eye contact with the audience

This is very important for an artist who is performing live on stage. Make eye contact with the audience instead of closing your eyes or staring at walls etc. Look at each section of the audience and see that you have covered the whole gallery of the audience.

9. Move around while performing

As a singer, it’s important that you connect with the song, emote and show it through your body movements. For instance, if it’s a highly energetic song, you can run from one end to another and sing. Walking on the stage while singing is also a good thing to engage the audience.

10. Record a video clip of a song

This tip works highly efficiently to correct your mistakes as a singer. Looking at your video clip and listening to your voice recording allows you to correct many of your mistakes done while singing.

11. Dressing up comfortably

This is an important tip because how you look matters and how comfortable you are on the stage performing for a gallery of audience matters more. It may be fit, choice of attire, makeup, jewelry, etc. may show an effect on your performance if it is too heavy or uncomfortable.

12. Being confident

Being confident while singing during live performances has a huge impact on the audience as well as other members of the team. Having a positive attitude, healthy lifestyle and open heart add to your singing all the time and is shown in your live performances.

Singing is a gift and performing live is another gift. Attending the live performance and entertaining the guests with live performances is a cherishable memory for the host and the guests.

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