What Is The Ideal Way To Pave A Driveway?

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Have you been wondering about the Driveway Paving? You have landed at the right place indeed. You should make sure that you are following the right and accurate way of doing this indeed. Here, we are going to help you explain everything in a detailed manner. Let’s check it out – 

Pavers are called the best option when it comes to going with the ideal option in the context of cost, visual effect, and durability to construct a paved driveway. There are different types of pavers which you may go with. It also depends upon your driveway paving design as well as paving patterns. You may go ahead to get it mixed and matched in an ideal and unique way. It is time to create a unique pattern as well. You should add more value to your home indeed. 

Here, we are going to mention a small guide on how paving ideas can go in your favor. How should you pave your driveway? Let’s check out more about it in a detailed manner. 

  • Firstly, you need to go with the paving design. There are a variety of driveway pavers available. You may also check online to make the right choice indeed. Talking about the right driveway paving, you may go with any of these such as brick pavers, concrete pavers for driveway paving. You should consider a complimentary different shade-oriented border or line along your driveway is indeed a super excellent idea. 
  • You should also go-ahead to go with the idea of preparing the base indeed. Firstly you need to go ahead to install a paving-based indeed. You need to mark the area to pave as well as excavate the ground. You must excavate the ground between 100 and 150 mm. This base would probably be a compacted rubble material indeed. Bedding or paving sand is then regarded as the ideal platform to spread to a depth of approximately 30 mm following the compacted-based indeed. Driveway pavers are required to go ahead with a minimum of 50 mm deep indeed. Talking about the entire depth of the base, the thickness of the sand layer and paver thickness will truly determine how much you require to excavate the ground. You need to excavate the past area to be paved a further 150 mm to allow in the context of installation of edge restraints. 
  •  The next on the list is all about laying the base material. It gives you rigidity as well as firmness to the excavated area which you require to fill following the base material. Usually, it could be an ideal mixture of hard crushed rock otherwise known as driveway rubble. You need to lay the base material in the form of 150m past the boundary marked in the context of laying paver to allow for the pavers to get completely supported on the edge as well as to accommodate the edge restraint. You should also compact the base following a plate compactor. It is needed to be compacted going with 3 passes following the plate compactor indeed. You need bases that are up to 150 mm and it is needed to be compacted in 100 mm layers to churn out the maximum compaction. 
  • The next on the list is to install the pavers. You should lay the pavers on the bedding sand layer. You should truly concentrate on laying the pavers straight following the bordering pavers as well as down the edge. You should not forget to use the string lines indeed. 
  • Go ahead to install the pavers. You should lay the pavers on the bedding sand layer. You should concentrate on laying the paver completely straight with the bordering pavers as well as down the edge.
  • Now, the next step is all about sealing pavers and filling the gap. You should clean as well as seal the paver following the pave set. Doing that will truly give you much-needed durability as well as lower maintenance. You should also contact your local APC stockist of pavers in the context of the sealing product. 
  • A paved driveway is quite easy to maintain indeed. A paved driveway would be giving your property more appealing in comparison to a concrete driveway indeed. It is quite easier for your maintenance and it would not crack such as a poured concrete driveway. If you feel yourself getting confident in the respect of driveway paver then you may take help of the professional paving contractors.

Professionals can also help you in the context of choosing the right Driveway Paving Stones. They guide you about the right one as per your needs. 


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to bring more changes to your driveway and make it more beautiful following this above-mentioned guide. You will truly love it indeed.