What Should You Do With Your Old Sheets?

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If you’ve arrived here, you’re actually asking what to do about old bed linens. We’ll be the first to confess that parting with your cherished bed linens, particularly if they’re super-comfy and well-loved, may be difficult.

However, the terrible truth is that fresh deep fitted sheets are required at some point for wellness and hygienic reasons. What else to do with old sheets, how and where to recycle and reuse old bed sheets, and where to recycle old sheets are all covered in this article.

Let’s get you ready to discard or repurpose old bed linens so you can make room for new ones without further ado!

Repurposing Old Bed Sheets

“Can you recycle sheets?” is one of the most commonly requested inquiries we have when clients buy new bamboo threads. Yes, it is possible. Repurposing old bed linens can be done in a variety of ways. We’ll go over some of the most common ways to recycle old sheets, which range from home design to DIY crafts and crafty repurposing.


If you’re not sure what to do about old sheets but don’t want to throw them away just yet, reusing them as decor is a great option. One of the easiest examples to reuse the fabric is to make cleaning cloths from it by cutting out strips of the sheet and sewing two sides back if you ever need anything stronger.

In your next dinner gathering, another simple option is to make napkins from the sheets. You’ll get the most one-of-a-kind dining décor ever! However, if you can’t bear to go with your multicoloured bed sheets, use the pattern to attach to a canvas or frames. Without the price tag, you’ll have immediate artwork! Lastly, if you’re on a budget and want to shut out light, reusing the sheets as curtains is a great way to save money and give old bed threads a new use.

2. Do-it-yourself projects

Whether you’re a novice renovator or a seasoned master, spare sheets are always on hand during the construction process. If you’ve ever renovated your house, you know how much dust, paint, and other construction materials can cause havoc. If you’re repainting a room, sheets make a fantastic drop cloth.

Alternatively, when you’re working on your projects, old sheets will safeguard your decor from any unwelcome soot, plaster, or general wear and tear. Using sheets for DIY projects is the greatest alternative if you’ve acquired torn bedding with rips or spots, as this does require the fabric to be totally undamaged.


Look no further than this craft area if you’re still stumped about what to do with old sheets. The best method to reuse sheets is to pull out your sewing kit and let your ideas flow. Here are a few of our favourite methods to recycle old sheets:

● Pencil cases and makeup pouches can be made from old sheets. This option will necessitate the use of a sewing machine, as well as the purchase of a zip separately.

● You like the pattern or design of your old bed linens, but you have to get rid of them. Do not be concerned! You’ll be the smartest person if you make a creative handmade yoga mat out of your old sheets.

● Another common option to reuse bed sheets is to make usable green bags for grocery buying or beach bags for extended days in the sun. You can make a custom-sized sack to fit your needs based on the quality of the sheets.

● Have you ever been envious of those adorable Pinterest families and wished you could join them? You may make bespoke PJs for yourself and your family out of old bedsheets in good shape.

It’s time to let go of your bed linens, whether you’ve shredded them in the wash or attempted and failed to erase a spot from them. The great news is there are a variety of fantastic options for dealing with the issue of what to do about old bedding.

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