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Recently, we have seen a steep rise in Tesla’s reputation and everyone’s interest in Tesla cars. The majority of the people credit Tesla for making sleek and luxurious electric cars, and of course, because of its CEO, Elon Musk.

However, we are sure that not many people may know why Teslas is better than most manufacturers today. Sure, the excellent look is a reason good enough to love Tesla cars, but do you know about Tesla’s things to the table?

This article will talk about some of the features absent from other brands’ vehicles. Be it may be an eccentric mode to allow you to sit back and relax, or be it a mode suitable for utmost protection, ready to be blown away by what Tesla brings to the game! So, without any further wait, let’s find out all the reasons that make Tesla worth the hype.

1.   Autopilot:

Every car made by Tesla since around 2015 comes with the Autopilot feature. As the name suggests, the Autopilot function lets the car drive itself, and the driver does not have to bother putting their hands on the driving wheel.

So even if you don’t know how to drive a car, a Tesla gives you a way! The Autopilot will toggle the car to steer, brake, and accelerate when toggled on. This feature is specifically helpful for driving on highways.

Whereas the Autopilot and the other mentioned features on this list come pre-added with the car, part of Tesla’s basic safety system, an upgrade is available. However, you would need to pay $10,000 more, but you will free yourself from even needing to place your arms on the driving wheel.

So, if you are starstruck with buying an auto-driving vehicle, perhaps it may be a good idea to look for one! You can go to Google and search for your options based on where you live.  For example, go to Google and search something like “tesla uk for sale” and fast forward your way to buying an amazing electronic car.

2.   Caraoke:

Admit it. Most of us enjoy driving while jamming to our favorite song, right?

In fact, a study from DMEautomotive says that Singing out loud is the top activity when a person goes out for a drive!

The “Caraoke” mode in Tesla cars allows the people in the car to take entertainment to a whole new level! When in “Caraoke” mode, the car gives you a chance to do karaoke! When the car is in this mode, lyrics from some popular songs will pop on the screen when the car is in a parked state.

In case you can’t find the “Caraoke” mode on your Tesla, the reason is probably that your car would be missing a few updates. Once you upgrade your Tesla car to Software version 10, you should be good to go?

In short, this function lets you have a karaoke session from your car!

3.   Bioweapon Defense Mode

Climate change is severe in today’s world, and the chance of a natural mishap happening is very high! The bioweapon defense mode was designed for Tesla cars keeping this information in mind!

According to many reviews, the bioweapon defense mode came in handy during the recently overcome U.S. wildfires in 2020. However, there is a catch. The bioweapon defense mode is not available in all Teslas. You will find it only on Tesla Model S and X cars.

The cars under the S and X models come with a HEPA filtration system. This filtration system will automatically turn the car into a safe breathing palace for the car’s inhabitants.

4.   Touchscreen

In 2022, Tesla earned $18.76 Billion in the first quarter and set records! Setting these records in today’s world is a big step, and thanks to all the innovations utilized by the company, Tesla has finally done it.

Tesla cars will usually feature an interactive screen in the center. Think of this touchscreen as a single-center screen. You can do almost everything you can expect the car to do through this touchscreen. For example, you can use commands to trigger the car’s driving functions.

Other than that, you can also do various things, including playing the radio or finding a map on the phone! Up until this point, there has not been any manufacturer or other brand that has managed to provide its customers with techy features like Tesla at the same price tag.

5.   Superchargers:

Tesla is generous to its customers and goes the extra mile to give them excellent support! For example, Tesla offers its exclusive charging network, only to be used by Tesla Owners. Sure, other brands, such as Rivian and Jeep, are stepping up to build their networks.

However, with all the geniuses working for Tesla, no other company has been able to match the extensivity of Tesla. Tesla offers supercharging all across the United States and in every country where they sell their cars.

When you fast charge a car, it can go up to 200 miles only with a charge of 15 minutes. However, it comes at a cost, literally. Now, you will have to pay for the refueling of your car based on minutes or kilowatts charged through a credit card-loaded present in the car.

6.   Free OTA Updates

Part of the reason why Tesla is getting such a good rep amongst the customers is its ability to think and stay one step ahead of the competition. There are other brands such as Toyota that are managing their electric cars very well. However, Tesla decided to step up and send updates to their cars just like they are sent to a person’s phone.

Simple as updating an iPhone to the latest iOS using the free software update, Tesla software integrated into the car will connect to the internet. It will update the enormous list of car functions. These updates are very effective as they have been known to fix a consistent braking problem that happened a few years ago.

7.   Keycard Access:

Think of having a hotel room keycard for a car instead of an actual room. Whereas you won’t need to take out the keycard to function, if you were to place it against the door side panel and simply touch it, the door would unlock.

Having keycard access prevents the users from going through the trouble of managing keys and suffering when they lose them. As a contingency plan, if you lost the keycard access card of a Tesla, you would still be able to unlock the car from your smartphone using the Tesla app.

8.   Sentry Mode:

Many car developers have tried to make a sound security system. However, Tesla has bested them yet again. Tesla’s sentry mode is nothing short of unique.

Here is how the sentry mode works: For example, if there has been a person standing next to your car for a while, the car will start recording everything around its surroundings.

A Message on the car’s screen will also appear to affirm that the surroundings are currently being recorded by the car. And if the perpetrator is still not scared, the car will start playing from the audio system. The Sentmodelode is an excellent way of keeping unwanted visitors near your car.

9.   Dog Mode:

The sun is not kind to the man’s best friend locked away in a car on a sunny day! However, much can’t be said if you own a Tesla.

Most Tesla cars come with a dog mode, which does exactly what it says. The dog mode ensures that the parked cars provide a safe and calm environment for the dog in the car to relax while their owner goes out to do their chores. The car’s air system will keep the car chilled for the furry friend when the car is parked.

Moreover, to prevent people from thinking that your dog is in danger and needs to be broken out, the center console also says, “My owner will be back soon.” This way, people passing by know that your dog is in good hands.

10. Ludicrous and Plaid Mode:

The Ludicrous and Plaid mode only works with Teslas that come under the Model S. As you turn on this mode, you must prepare to let your car hit a high speed. As this mode is activated, the Tesla Model S cars can easily hit 200 mph and accelerate to 60 mph in under two seconds.

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Final Words

Here go some of the features that go a long way in making Tesla stand out from the standard cars. The Teslas are eco-friendly, but they also cost much less than the other cars and have more to offer than such cars!

So, if you were looking for a new car, perhaps this would be the right time to give a Tesla a try. You will be helping the ecosystem, but you will also be getting a car with a fantastic design, unique features, and a considerably better price tag.

We hope this article explains well why all the hype about Tesla is justified. If, by chance, we may have forgotten to add something, let us know through the comments section!

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