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Wheel Bearing and its Replacement Cost

Wheel bearing replacement can be a fairly easy job or a complete nightmare, depending on what bearing you need to replace and how much of a fight they give you for their removal. If the jack pad or the wheel bearing is damaged, it will need to be replaced. The cost of replacing a jack pad or wheel bearing will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, for example, the BMW jack pad or the wheel bearing.

Replacing the rear wheel bearings on most cars is an easy task as long as you have access to them from under the vehicle. Replacing the front bearings is often difficult since you may have to take off the control arms and tie rod ends to get them out. Make sure you have a suitable replacement bearing for your job.

Wheel Bearing

Since the invention of the wheel, it has always had a problem. Rolling resistance is what makes the wheel slow down when it’s in motion. Wheel bearings are one of many inventions that make sure your wheels are moving smoothly and efficiently.

Wheel bearings do just what the name says: they keep your wheels rolling smoothly by minimizing friction between two surfaces. There are ball bearings and plain bearings. Bearing races, retainer rings shields, lubrication devices. Inner and outer races; a deep groove or angular contact chucks; self-aligning or non-self aligning chucks. It can get complicated rather quickly.

Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Bearing

Symptoms of a bad wheel bearing can show up as vibrations, trouble accelerating, and noise. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to have one of your technicians inspect the vehicle for you at Hometown Garage. They will thoroughly check your car or truck’s wheel bearings.

  • Vibrations when driving over bumps
  • Trouble accelerating
  • Noisy

The first indicator that something is wrong with the wheel bearing is usually some form of vibration. This could be more noticeable on turns or even when braking, which would lead us to believe the brake pads are grinding against the rotor. This might happen on one side, so finding out if one side is worn more than the other could help get closer to the problem. Another clue would be noise, which could be caused by a failing bearing or ball joint. Most of the time, you will hear it in the front, but some older vehicles may have them on all four corners, and one of them might be harmful.

Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Bearing

Replacing the Wheel Bearing

A wheel bearing can wear out over time; we recommend having them inspected every 30,000 miles because most bearings last 70,000-100,000 miles before they wear down and need to be replaced. Replacing a wheel bearing is pretty straightforward for your technician at Hometown Garage. They bring in an expert mechanic who replaces it for you with quality replacement parts such as semi-metallic brake pads. If you have a squeaking noise while braking, it is essential to address that immediately, so the problem does not turn into an emergency.


• Front Hub Bearing (~$34)    

• Front Outer Wheel Bearing (N/A)            

• Rear Hub Bearing ($79-$101)   

• Rear Inner Wheel Bearing (N/A)         

• 4 lug nuts and washers (~$10) Tools  

• 1-1/2″ socket or wrench   

• 3-jaw puller, pliers, or wrench. Total Cost – $113 to $136

FWD Vehicle Wheel Bearing Cost

The front hubs on an FWD vehicle often contain the bearing for the steering shaft, which is why replacing them can cost so much more than just the price of a front hub bearing. You might also need a new outer or inner wheel bearing and the four lug nuts and washers. The rear hubs on FWD cars typically contain the drive axles, which is why replacing them can cost so much more than just the price of a rear hub bearing. You might also need a new inner wheel bearing and four lug nuts and washers.

The average cost to replace the front side door of a four-door car is $1,800. The exterior metal and weather stripping around the doors are essential for keeping out bad weather and protecting your vehicle from damage. If these components wear down, it could be time to get a new door. A loose hinge or bent frame also could indicate it’s time for a new door. The average cost to replace a bent-out-of-shape door is up to $2,200. Replacing the front door could cost up to $1,100. In addition, all cars’ parts eventually wear out over time because of natural deterioration and general usage. The average cost to replace a worn-out car door is $110. The average cost of labor to replace the front side door of a 4-door car is $180. 

Average Cost to Replace Rear Wheel Bearings

All in all, the cost to replace your rear wheel bearings will range from $30-$50. Minimum Cost: A bearing puller can be purchased for around $30 if you won’t use it again, although you may have to purchase a specific size for your axle. The actual bearings should cost between $3 and $5 each if bought in a set of 4, but it’s best to find them individually so that you know what size they are. Most auto shops will have them on hand or available quickly at a reasonable price, but the only ones available might be more expensive than buying online. You’ll also need a socket wrench with an 18mm deep well socket along with some grease and rags. Total Cost: $30-50

Maximum Cost: The maximum cost will be if you have to pay someone to do the work for you. You’ll get charged between $75 and $100. Paying a shop, expect to get charged at least an hour of labor charges. A professional mechanic might have most of these parts in stock, but don’t count on it unless they specialize in servicing bikes. Expect at least one trip to an auto parts store for some hard-to-find items like axle caps or “stop plugs.” You can save money by having them press in new bearings once everything else is ready, but it might be best to have them press out your old bearings. You have a good idea of how tight the new ones are supposed to be.

Average Cost to Replace Rear Wheel Bearings

The Cost of Replacing the Wheel Bearing on Your Ford F150.

The Ford F150 is a very popular truck, and many such owners have chosen to do modifications or repairs themselves rather than spend money going to a garage. As this model has been in production for decades, it has accumulated a large group of owners who have had their vehicles fixed by a third party. This has created a large group of people willing to do such repairs themselves.

Wheel bearing Replacement cost Lexus IS250.

The first thing that comes into mind is what size socket set. First, if one of the wheel bearings needs replacement, you need to go to the Lexus dealer and purchase them for $46.00 a piece. You first need to take off the tire and remove the cotter pin holding the castle nut on which has your axle nut. After removing the castle nut, you can remove your axle nut. Next, slowly pry off your brake caliper, which is held on by 2 bolts. Once this has been removed, go ahead and take out your rotor.

Nissan Murano wheel bearing replacement cost

The front wheel bearing assembly on a Nissan Murano is a pretty expensive piece. It’s also difficult to get the housing off, especially if you’re trying to replace just one of the bearings inside. It is only accessible from within the engine bay. Your options for diagnosis and repair are limited without removing several other things.

Remove and replace a few of these front wheel bearings and research the best prices and parts online. Replacement assembly from All-Star Auto Parts best price by far for this part – $164.95 + tax (compared to a local dealer’s price of $300 + tax). This is such an expensive part, especially compared to the rear bearing assembly. It’s a pretty ingenious design, but it does make this piece more expensive.

Unfortunately, you cannot replace just one of these bearings. The entire front hub assembly must be replaced, including the bearing, inner support/seal housing, outer boot. The outer bearing seal itself (which is not available separately) and retaining bolt. If you’re only replacing the bearing, it makes sense to replace everything else as well. They have already gone through some wear and tear.


What is the cost of replacing wheel bearings?

On average, it costs about $350 to replace a wheel bearing at one wheel in the country.

For both front wheel bearings, how much does it cost?

From both sides, there will be a cost of $260 to $480 for replacing both front wheel bearings.

If a wheel bearing is not repaired, what happens?

Wheels will seize up entirely if a damaged bearing isn’t replaced before they fail. This can have disastrous consequences if it happens while you’re driving.