Why Do You Need A Video In Email Marketing

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Saira Farman

Marketing is the biggest part of every business, and effective marketing can bring the result that every company aims to achieve. In this age of tough competition, businesses need the latest marketing strategies to meet their business goals, and video in email marketing is one of such latest strategies that deliver definite results.

Earlier, video and email marketing were used separately for positive leads; but, they are not combined to deliver the best result. Video email marketing is similar to conventional email marketing except the use of videos to share the message instead of using text or images. As a brand, you can keep in touch with the customers through email, and this is the best way to promote the products or services. When you use video for your email marketing, that will come with several outstanding results.

Why do you need to add video in email marketing?

Presently, the popularity of video marketing is top on popularity. According to a survey, almost 78% of people watch online videos weekly, relying on video-on-demand rather than conventional videos. The idea to include videos in email comes from this data, and in this way, brands got another effective marketing tool to educate the audience or customers regarding their products.

1. Videos draw maximum attention from the audience

As everyone is aware of the latest technology, the attention radius has been expanded. Today, drawing attention to text or images is quite tough and retaining customers is much more important than before. So, the best solution for all these challenges is to introduce a technically advanced marketing strategy. Video in the emails eases all these kinds of issues in one go. Presently, almost 82% of the global internet traffic has come from videos.

2. Increased retaining time in emails

If the video is engaging, the remaining time in the emails gets improved. Videos are the best products that hold the viewers’ attention for more time than text and images. When you insert a video in your email, it will successfully hold the receiver’s attention, and he will spend more time on the email. 

3. Easy to make the subscribers understand about the product

An explainer video is the most powerful way to convince or educate someone about the product or the service. According to marketing experts, their product has gone up after using video in their emails. You can easily get the desired result when you have videos in your email. Unlike text or images, your subscribers won’t feel bored while watching the explainer video, which is a perfect attribution to the marketing. Video making may appear intimidating but with creativity and use of a good online video editor you can create countless and amazing videos for your business. 

4. Videos instantly get popularity

Videos are champions when it comes to hooking people. Plus, it is also very much easy to go viral. People spend several hours each day scrolling through the videos. This is why different video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are much more popular than other platforms. When you insert a perfect video, your subscribers will get a solid dose of entertainment mixed with information. In this way, the video will get popular instantly.  

5. More sharing on social media

As the popularity of social media channels is at its peak, videos can easily get viral when people share them on their social media accounts. Sharing is known as the measure of the virality of the videos, and when more people participate in sharing a video, it gets viral instantly. In this way, the video will react at the top of the popularity and establish your brand’s authority.

6. Helps to attain a better rank on Google SERPs

Presently major search engines like Google emphasize the video’s contents rather than the conventional text and images. They have optimized their algorithm to rank the website on the top with popular videos inserted into it. Social shares are the big indicators of how much the video is worthy and how far it has attracted attention from social media and other platforms. In this regard, the video will help the brand to get the top position in the search engine result pages.  

7. Enhance the CTR and ROI

Almost everyone adores the videos, and it naturally inspires them to click on the button linked with the website’s landing pages. In this way, the traffic to your website through the videos gets multiplied, and the enhanced CTR brings more revenue than others.

An attractive video will always excite the audience much compared to conventional blog posts. These videos get more popular when infused with quality sound and brilliant editing skills. Many Email Strategy makers have experienced almost 70% jumping in their click-through rates after inserting videos in their email marketing. This kind of spike can’t be expected from the conventional marketing style.

8. Helps to stand out from others

If you want to have your brand’s unique identity from others, then this is the right way to indulge with video email marketing. When you are considering the flexibility of videos, it is limitless. However, with video, there are tons of ways to attract attention towards your brand, and it can stand out from others. For sure, videos have a lasting impact on the viewers, and they will remember what they have seen in the videos. It helps the marketers to keep their brand stand out from others with the help of video advertisement and inserting that into the email marketing. Grabbing impressions from others will be easy when you use video email marketing.

Wrap up  

Do you still prefer to stick with conventional email marketing with texts and images only? Though it sounds convenient they can’t yield results as much as video email marketing. So, leverage the power of videos to reach out to people and let them know more about your products and services.

People do business with people. Therefore a humanised touch in emails will always have an upper hand in marketing strategies.

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