Bosch dishwasher

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Bosch dishwashers are practical and reliable kitchen appliances. One of the technical advantages of these dishwashers is the self-diagnostic mode. In case of most problems, the Bosch dishwasher beeps. This is how it alerts the owners that it needs to be repaired.

As examples of thousands of owners of similar equipment demonstrate, it is faster and more reliable to fix technical problems with the participation of appliance repair technician in Surrey. However, some of the work the owners can do on their own. They are also able to carry out initial diagnostics.

Why is a Bosch dishwasher beeping?

The door does not fit tightly in the grooves in the housing before the washing machine is turned on. This can be caused by the door not closing properly. Such a problem is usually accompanied by a failure of the machine to operate.

Clogged filter parts. Problems occur when using low-quality detergents. They clog the filter and form plugs in the nozzles and impellers. Almost all models and modifications of Bosch dishwashers are susceptible to such complications.

Unstable water supply. Simultaneously with the squeak, the indication on the control panel may start flashing. This often occurs when the leak sensor fails, or the water pressure in the water supply line is low.

Failure or incorrect operation of sensors. There are several types of problems with the sensor, but the most common are:

  • Tachometer malfunction – this device accurately calculates the rotor speed of the engine;
  • adhesion of mechanical microparticles to the surface of the tachometer;
  • blockage of the filter block;
  • sensor errors indicating the degree of turbidity of the water.

Control module failure. Such a breakdown is quite difficult to fix. It is recommended to entrust the repair to a qualified Bosch dishwasher repair technician.

Hatch leak. The cause of squeaking may be a seal with a broken structure. When the plastic sealing rubber is stretched, the tightness is impaired when closing the washing tank hatch.

Relay failure. An unusual squeaking sound is caused by a broken relay that adjusts the water level according to the sensor signal. In some cases, this sound is caused by a loosening of the motor, sensors or relay fasteners. A similar situation occurs when the Bosch dishwasher is overloaded or is activated frequently.

Mains voltage. Another reason is the instability of the characteristics of the electric current in the network. If the voltage is low or exceeds the norm, the electronic modules of dishwashers of all Bosch modifications begin to work incorrectly.

Problems with TEN. The Bosch dishwasher squeaks to notify you of a problem with the heating element.

Bearing failure. The dishwasher signals a bearing spalling or deformation by making this sound. This is caused by improper use of the dishwasher.

Frequent problems with a Bosch dishwasher

  • problems with the door;
  • filter clogging;
  • technical malfunctions of sensors;
  • problems with the water intake.

Door problems

If the problem is in the door, the lock sensor should not work. If the lock mechanism is broken, the sensor may not provide a signal. Similarly, the control module will not receive a signal if the seal is worn and the door does not fit properly when closing.

Filter clogged

The filter can cause damage if it is clogged with microparticles, food residues or incompletely dissolved washing powder. When the filter is clogged, the inlet valve does not work, and water does not enter the device, so the Bosch dishwasher starts beeping instead of turning on.

Technical malfunctions of sensors

Problems with the sensor are manifested by weakening their fixation, clogging of the sensitive elements, or burnout of the winding. 

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