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One of the biggest challenges women face around the globe when it comes to shoes is choosing a footwear that is comfortable, functional yet stylish. Although it’s no easy feat, the comfort factor has been dominating the shoe world even more so after the pandemic. Women don’t want to compromise on their comfort and functionality for the sake of fashion and style so what is happening now? Well, we are now witnessing a change, shoes that are a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style for every occasion are more readily available on every store. There is a ton of variety for comfortable summer sandals that allows you to walk in them all day long without feeling like you have committed some fashion atrocity.

As the demand for comfortable summer sandals like slip-on sandals for women has seen a surge more and more designers, influencers, fashion magazines and other fashion houses have been busy curating the list of women summer sandals that are a breeze to wear yet stylish enough to pass any day. With the huge demand for comfortable summer shoes, there are numerous designs, styles and options to choose from which makes it difficult to narrow down a list that is quick and easy to follow. But having said that, we at MISS LOLA are always to your rescue, giving you a list of shoes that every woman needs, is affordable with no compromise on style.

In this article, all the shoes that we have listed down for you have some sort of durable soles, amazing shock-absorbing abilities, arch support, straps, memory foam and unlimited stylish options. So let’s get started!

Most Comfortable Summer Sandals

1.Luxe Lounge Slip-on/ Slide Sandal

Right off the bat, I want to make slip on sandals for women a norm. Don’t restrict these slip-ons to just your home or grocery store trips, you can wear these slip-on sandals practically everywhere when styles perfectly with your outfit. The Luxe Lounge Slide sandal is the prime example of this, the Lycra strap gives perfect fit, hold and support to the feet so there is no dragging of the foot. It fully covers the foot from just under the toes till your ankle area. The padded sole of the slip-on not only adds a few extra inches but also makes walking in them a breeze. Available in practically all basic colors of summers like nude, black, mint and gray, you can buy them to get yourself sorted!

2.Summer Chilling- Platform Sandal

We all love the fact that platform shoes are the perfect way to increase a few inches of height and confidence without making your legs, feet and practically every part of the body hurt badly. The platform sandals are available in all kinds of options from slip-ons to closed ends. The Summer Chilling platform sandal is stylish yet super comfortable on the feet. With a platform height of around 1.25inches and quilted stitching detailing you can wear this pair all day long with your jeans, shorts, midi and mini dresses and enjoy your summers. The adjustable Velcro and buckle detailing gives it a perfect fit with style.

3.Travel Memories- Platform Espadrille Sandals

Women’s espadrille sandals are all the rage nowadays. We just can’t get enough of the espadrille detailing. We want them in our slip-ons, sandals, loafer, and canvas and even in our wedges. So your wish is our command! We have this amazing pair of espadrille sandals in the color sage, a perfect hue of summer! These sandals have amazing detail to style, one strap is folded to create some visual effect and the other strap is fully braided to make everything that much more stylish. But we haven’t forgotten about the comfortable part of this sandal, it has a light padded insole with memory foam which makes walking in it a dream!

4.Getting Hotter- Slip on Sandal

Another great option when you want to keep things stylish, summer and soft for your feet. This slip on sandal is perfect fit for your everyday wear, office days, grocery trips, running errands, beach days, shopping sprees and even casual luncheons. Getting Hotter sandals in tan pairs amazingly well with your boho-chic printed tops with jeans or shorts, with maxi dresses, shorts or just about any casual outfit you have. The soft padded insole gives you the freedom to walk in them all day, the three different starts in white, tan and snake print makes it blend well with many outfits.

5.Life is Good Wedge

As we have promised you earlier, I will be adding shoes to this list that will be comfortable and stylish for every occasion so let’s gear up for the formal nights and occasions. Life is Good wedge is that perfect shoe that will give you the much needed height for those formal outfits while the platform heels will keep your soles comfortable by supporting it. The slip on entry makes this shoe a breeze to wear, the quilt-stitch straps in the front gives the shoes a nice texture and the lightly padded insole is just the cherry on top. But that’s not all, the braided rope effect at the platform heel makes everything look very prim and proper.

6.Beautiful Beaches- Espadrille Sandals

Another one of my favorites, this is a must have shoe if you like espadrille style sandals. The thing that I love the most about his shoe is its peachy, coral hue that gives it a perfect summer feel. The platform heel makes it ideal for casual as well as formal days. The woven strap adds beautiful intricacy to the shoe and lastly the espadrille effect is absolutely perfect for those beachy, sexy and cute outfits.  The soft foot bed makes walking a piece of cake!

Last Lines

These are a few options that I have listed down for you so that you have a versatile summer shoe line up that is comfortable and stylish. There are a ton of other shoes that tick all the boxes so do check out our site for more!