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2022 is just around the corner, and everybody knows what that means. It’s the season for new year’s resolutions and self-care promises again. If you truly believe in the idea of changing a thing or two about yourself every year, it’s time to write down your commitments for the coming year. You don’t have to wait till the first day of 2023 to start a resolution you can start a resolution now.

The beauty of new year’s resolutions is that they are not limited to just one area of your life. You could be making a commitment to stick to a healthier diet. Or it could be an attempt at saving so you can afford your dream home makeover before the new year comes to an end. Who doesn’t want fresh and stylish-looking entry doors and freshly painted walls when you open your doors for 2023? Also, your resolutions could be as simple as making conversations more often. 

Regardless of what area of life you want to improve for the next months, you don’t have to wait until the clock strikes 12 on January 1st. Well, everybody knows that it’s called “new year’s resolutions” for a reason. But hey, 2021 wasn’t a normal year. For sure, people wouldn’t care if you break some more rules before this roller coaster ride of a year ends. Nobody had even thought that people would be working from their home desks until this year, so go ahead and start a resolution now. 

The earlier, the better

You’ve heard this before, and the reason for that is that it’s mostly true. Fitness coaches say that the best time to start a fitness journey is now. And this principle applies to all other improvement plans you think of taking on. 

It’s not news anymore that the majority fails to stick to their new year’s resolution. It usually starts off okay. In the first week of January, you feel like a king, like you are capable of checking everything on your list.

Then the second week comes, and the high dwindles, leaving you with excuses to skip your new schedule. Once you are on a losing streak, it’s hard to get back up. And when the second week of February enters, you forget all about the whole thing. 

One of the reasons people fail to stick to resolutions is that they fail to make the resolution a part of their daily habit. As you know, habits take time to form. So, when time is an important element, you have to work extra harder. Yes, it’s okay to stuff yourself with all the sumptuous holiday food, but once the feast is over, go back to drinking your daily water needs. 

Don’t make the holidays a reason to excessively eat or do all the things you know you will stop doing once the first day of January comes. One that is destructive. And two, that is counter-productive. Three, you are making your body think that you are up for some restrictive journey, and that is why you have to be sneaky before it actually starts. 

The key to a successful resolution list

Making your resolutions bound to a specific time can also bring unnecessary pressure. Take the pressure off by starting anytime sooner than January 1st. In fact, do it now. 

Being okay with discomfort

Now, what can you do to make these resolutions that you are starting even before the new year happen? The key is discipline. You have to show up and be used to discomfort. Eating healthy would mean you have to say bye to the frequent soda. It doesn’t mean you have to cut it out altogether, but you have to lessen your reunion with sugary drinks. 

There is also the discomfort of trying to close your eyes in certain aisles of a department store, so you don’t end up making unnecessary splurges. You have to cut down on some expenses if you are serious about your planned home makeover.

And then, of course, you have to overcome the fear and discomfort of making conversations with people. 

You will not make any progress if you are not willing to sit through different levels of discomfort. 

Enjoying the process

You know that enjoyment sits opposite from discomfort. But it’s not impossible to enjoy the process of a healthy lifestyle, frugal living, and making connections with people. You will find that healthier options actually taste good. On top of that, they make you feel better. The sense of fulfillment a visibly growing saving brings is like no other. You also get peace of mind. And finally, finding out things about people, even strangers, is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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