SEO Secrets

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Umer Malik

It’s common knowledge that SEO is a cost-effective marketing option that online business owners can’t neglect. If done right, it can improve your visibility as you’ll be on the first page of relevant search results on Google. Remember that most people don’t go past the second page of the search results. For this reason, ignoring SEO is a sure-fire way of getting your business to fail. But how can you boost your ranking on search engines? Consider these tips. 

1. Improve the Load Speed on Your Site 

Over time, people have come to expect a high load speed on websites. This is why very few people will stay on your site if it takes more than a second to load a page. This obviously means you’ll be losing out on some customers, but that’s not even the biggest consequence you’ll face because of a slow site. Google and other search engines will record the bounce rate on your site and determine that your pages need to rank lower on their search engines. This will eventually lower your visibility, leading to a poorer outcome. One way to make your site faster is to use fast and scalable hosting. Quality web hosting like IONOS will ensure that you’re able to react to traffic spikes in seconds, meaning lags will be a thing of the past. 

2. Use Keywords Strategically 

Anyone who’s ever heard of SEO has also probably heard of keyword use. These are simply the terms people use to find your products or content. One mistake new website owners typically make is to overuse keywords to the extent that they affect the quality of the articles. This is a guaranteed way of hurting your SEO as it will increase the bounce rate on your site. Instead, you should use keywords sparingly, and focus mostly on adding them to the titles, subtitles, and introductions

If you track your SEO progress over time, you’ll realize that link building has one of the biggest impacts on your SEO performance. This is because links help Google determine the nature of your content. Links also indicate that your articles are well-researched and generally useful to readers. 

4. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices 

Something else you should remember is that most people will be using their smartphones to find and access your website. So, your site should be designed with a mobile-first approach. This means the site should be designed for the smallest and simplest devices, and you can keep improving it later on. Navigation should be intuitive, and all buttons on the site should be responsive to touch. 


If you’re trying to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines, you’ll have to implement a few tips. You have to first speed up your site in order to improve the customer experience. You should also use keywords strategically to let Google know what your content is all about. Finally, you should focus on link building and develop a mobile-first or mobile-friendly site. 

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