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With time there have been many changes in the scooter’s design and performance. Compared to the old scooter models, the contemporary scooter designs have transformed the two-wheeler into a more lightweight and compact ride. Furthermore, these lightweight scooter models have an advanced braking system, self-starting feature, GPS, etc. 

Especially for ladies, contemporary scooters have become easier to maneuver on the traffic-stricken roads of India. Women can easily maneuver the scooters on any road thanks to the aerodynamics and design of the two-wheelers. 

With the help of advanced engineering, scooters have become lightweight and more fuel efficient.

Why do women prefer lightweight scooters in the Indian two-wheeler market?

With the advent of modern ideas, orthodox values have been expelled. Now women can regularly travel by themselves with the help of light weight scooty in India. They don’t need to catch or rely on public transport to travel to and from their office or workplace. Women prefer using scooters because they are easier to handle and can easily offer them smooth and comfortable rides. 

More importantly, while riding a bike, we must be very careful about comfortable seating, design, maintenance, fuel efficiency, etc. Light weight scooters is a more comfortable and manageable choice for women because they won’t deal with gear shifts and heavy weights.

List of 5 best lightweight scooty available for women in the Indian two-wheeler market

Here is a list of lightweight scooty women can purchase from the Indian two-wheeler market:

Model numberEx-showroom price (Bangalore)Mileage
Yamaha Fascino 125Starting from Rs. 79,280/-50 kmpl approx
Honda DioStarting from Rs 72,77048 kmpl approx
Vespa VXL 125Starting from Rs 86,79540 kmpl approx 
Honda Activa 6GStarting from Rs 70,56950 kmpl approx
TVS Scooty ZestStarting from Rs 69,77462 kmpl approx

1. Yamaha Fascino 125

A popular and stylish lightweight scooty that has been introduced by Yamaha Motor Corporation is Yamaha Fascino 125. It is also one of the best women’s scooters manufactured by Yamaha. You can use Yamaha Fascino 125 for regular city rides. With a kerb weight of 99 kg, Yamaha Fascino 125 has 4 strokes air-cooled engine with two valves. The fuel tank capacity of this scooter is 5.2 liters with a displacement of 125cc. Yamaha also claims that Yamaha Fascino 125 has 16% better mileage and 30% more power than other scooters in the same category.

2. Honda Dio

Another equally popular Honda lightweight scooty for women is Honda Dio. The scooter’s obvious design and lightweight attributes make it popular with women. The fuel tank capacity of the Honda Dio is 5.3 liters and it offers 109.51cc displacement. The weight of the Honda Dio is 106 kg and it has a fan-cooled 4-stroke SI engine.

3. Vespa VXL 125 

Vespa VXL 125 is one of the most affordable ladies’ scooters offered by Vespa. This women’s scooty comes with a 7.4 liters and 124.45cc single cylinder 4 strokes air-cooled engine with an additional 3 valves FI. Weighing only 114 kg it can offer max power of 9.52PS @ 7250 rpm. There is only a single variant of the Vespa VXL 125 available in the market. Although it is a bit more pricey than any other scooter, its pleasing outlook and retro design justify the price tag. If you are looking for something fashionable, then Vespa VXL 125 is an appropriate light weight scooty for you. 

3. Vespa VXL 125 

Women can easily handle lightweight scooty while riding on a congested road.

4. Honda Activa 6G

The list of best lightweight scooty for women would be incomplete without mentioning Honda Activa 6G. It is one of the best lightweight scooty introduced by the famous car and bike manufacturer Honda. Compared to the previous models’ Honda Activa 6G has major changes which make it a unique scooty for women. It has a fan-cooled SI engine with 4 strokes and a 5.3 liters fuel capacity. Honda Activa 6G is also popular in the Indian two-wheeler market because of its low price. Weighing 107 kg, this famous scooty of Honda can offer you 45 kmpl mileage.

5. TVS Scooty Zest 

One of the best lightweight scooty for women currently available in the Indian two-wheeler market is the TVS Scooty Zest. With a 4.9 liters fuel tank capacity and 97 kg weight, this is one of the most outstanding scooters manufactured by TVS. There are a total of two TVS Scooty Zest variants available in the market. It has a single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 109.7cc. If you are a daily commuter whose primary requirement is fuel efficiency, TVS Scooty Zest is the best option.

Specifications of the scooters

Model nameDisplacementKerb weightMax powerMax torqueOdometer
Yamaha Fascino 125125cc99 kg8.2 PS@6500 rpm10.3 Nm@ 5000 rpmAnalogue
Honda Dio109.51cc105 kg7.76 PS@8000 rpm9 Nm@ 4750 rpmDigital
Vespa VXL 125124.45cc115kg9.92 PS@7500 rpm9.6 Nm@ 5500 rpmAnalogue
Honda Activa 6G109.51cc106 kg8.84 PS@5500 rpm7.79 Nm@ 8000 rpmAnalogue
TVS Scooty Zest109.7cc103kg7.8 PS@7500 rpm8.8 Nm@ 5500 rpmAnalogue


In recent years, the market for lightweight scooters for ladies has seen a significant increase, with more and more manufacturers focusing on designing models that cater to the needs of female riders. These scooties are stylish and easy to ride and provide convenience and comfort to women who prefer two-wheeler transportation.

Here is a unique overview of five lightweight scooters for ladies:

  • Honda Activa: This is a well-known and popular model in the Indian market. It has a 109.51 cc engine that provides a smooth and powerful ride. It also features a spacious storage area and a comfortable seat for long rides.
  • TVS Scooty Zest: This model is designed specifically for female riders and comes with a 110 cc engine. It features a lightweight body and a comfortable seat, making it perfect for daily commutes.
  • Yamaha Fascino: This stylish and elegant scooty has a 113 cc engine and excellent fuel efficiency. It also features a spacious under-seat storage area and a comfortable riding position.
  • Suzuki Access: This lightweight scooty for ladies has a 124 cc engine and a modern design. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride, along with a spacious storage area and a comfortable seat.
  • Vespa LX: This iconic scooty comes with a 125 cc engine and a retro design. It provides a comfortable and stable ride and features a spacious storage area and a comfortable seat.

To conclude

If you are a daily commuter, using a lightweight scooty would be the best option. By purchasing a light weight scooty you won’t have to wait for public transport unnecessarily and simultaneously, you will be able to save a lot of your time and energy. 

Buying a brand new scooty is not an easy feat; not everyone has enough funds to afford a new scooty. A better alternative would be to purchase a second hand or used lightweight scooty that can easily fulfill all of your necessities with ease. 

In case you are interested in second-hand lightweight scooty, you should check out Beepkart. It is an online second-hand bike-selling platform where you can find the best light weight scooty per your budget.

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