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There would be nothing wrong if we would say that copper is the metal without which we cannot live. The main consumption of copper is done for industrial, communication, and transportation purposes. Because of its extraordinary properties, copper is extensively used, and its global demand may rise in forthcoming years. With the help of several crucial processes, including smelting, leaching, and electrolysis, usable copper is obtained.

Copper In Canada

Canada has made a huge contribution to global copper production. The country is one of the world’s major copper producers and is involved in copper recycling. Canadian mines produced 729 million kg. of copper in 1995. The highest concentration of the element is extracted from Ontario and British Columbia. Along with copper, most of the companies produce several products like molybdenum, zinc, nickel, lead, etc. Canada produced 543,608 tons of copper concentration in 2019, which was a 3% increase from the previous year. 

Copper In Canada

Copper Mines

The copper industry of Canada is composed of several companies involved in exploration, extraction, development, mining, and production processes. The mineral and metal industry is extremely crucial to provide raw materials for construction, electronics, machinery, transportation, transmission, and other purposes. You can see companies like Collective Mining Ltd are focused on working cooperatively with stakeholders to achieve the mutual goal. Collective Mining is advancing with a principled approach on a large-scale copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry target in Columbia. Read further to know about some more companies which have importantly driven the economic cycles of Canada.

Hudbay Minerals

  • Headquarter – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Founded in 1996

The company runs on a long-term growth strategy engaged in the production of copper and zinc metal. Hudbay Minerals is a diversified mineral company focused on the development of high-quality deposits with great exploration potential. The copper concentrate production contains copper, gold, and silver. In 2014, the company bought Augusta Resource Corp. and acquired the Rosemont copper project in Arizona.

Capstone Mining

  • Headquarter – Vancouver, Canada
  • Founded in 1987

The company is a base metal producer with two operating copper mines: Pinto Valley copper mine in the US and Cozamin Polymetallic mine in Mexico. Capstone Mining owns 70% of the copper-iron Santo Domingo project in Region III, Chile, and 100% of the copper-zinc Kutcho Project in B.C., Canada. It is focused on copper production by optimizing operations and assets in mining-friendly regions.

Taseko Mines

  • Headquarter – Vancouver, Canada
  • Founded in 1999

This company is a mid-tier copper producer in Canada. It owns 75% of the Gibraltar copper-molybdenum mine in South-central BC, which is the second-largest open-pit copper mine in Canada. On average, the mine produces 140 million pounds of copper and 2.5 million pounds of molybdenum each year. In the Cariboo region, it is the largest employer with nearly 700 workforces.


Canada is the key global producer of copper in the world. The major amount of copper is sourced from two provinces – Ontario and BC. Fortunately, the country has widespread copper that can be profitably mined. Canada is a major contributor to global copper demands.

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