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Did you know that around 36.9 million people played golf in 2020? If you were part of this statistic and are looking to improve your golf game, we have some of the best golfing tips for you. We have put together this short guide to help you level up your game.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about stepping up your golf swing and more.

1. Know When to Play Defense

It is good to know when you have to be aggressive and when it’s best to back off and play it safe. If you find yourself in a place on the golf course where you have to hit a “hero” shot in order to save your score then, it is better to play it safe and send your ball to a spot on the course that will make your next shot easier. 

Trying to hit a difficult shot will usually lead to a much higher scorecard in the end. 

2. Hit Diagonally Into the Wind

Another pro tip is to play smart when it is windy. When you tee off on the side of the tee that is opposite to where the wind is, it will help your ball curve less. It will help you to keep this strategy in mind because you will not be at the mercy of the wind.

3. Master Your Putt

When you are at the end of a hole you want to use technique when putting. Make sure to grip your club like a toothpaste that does not have the lid on. You want to stay away from a grip that is too strong or awkward. 

You can discover more about avoiding this grip mistake to ensure that your grip is up to par (pun intended). 

4. Take Yourself Less Seriously

You more than likely started playing golf because you enjoyed it. For this reason, you want to accept that not every shot you take is going to be perfect. There is no reason to self-destruct your entire game only because you took a few bad shots early on. 

The golfer that is able to stay calm and not overreact to a bad hit will be able to enjoy the game more and in turn, shoot lower scores because they are just having fun. 

5. Improve Your Drive

When you are at the tee your posture is important. You want to make sure that your feet are a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Then, focus on coiling your shot up and then releasing like a spring. 

Keep in mind that your legs and lower half are where the power in golf comes from. 

Ready to Put These Golfing Tips to Work?

We hope that now that you have our top golfing tips, you can start practicing and getting on your golfing A-game. 

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