Virtual Leadership

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Many companies are currently allowing employees to work virtually (either temporarily or permanently). The virtual trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon. There are benefits it offers to both employees and employers.

Employees like the freedom of being able to work from home without worrying about a daily commute. There are also money-saving benefits that come from no longer needing to fill up a commuter vehicle with gas every week (or multiple times per week, depending on how far away your corporate office is).

Employers also enjoy being able to save money on office space rentals and perks such as company snacks and treats. But along with all the benefits remote working can provide, it also comes with some challenges. Leading a company that relies partially or primarily on remote workers can be difficult. Here are five ways to improve your virtual leadership, starting today.

Communication Online

Communication is often the first thing to fall by the wayside when you’re managing employees virtually. Unfortunately, when communication falls, work ethic and passion also tend to fall. That’s why it’s important to ramp up your online communications to make sure all your employees stay connected and engaged.

One great way to improve online communications is by scheduling regular virtual meetings. Zoom immersive view templates can help you feel like you and your employees are all in the same office space, even when everyone is joining from their own homes. These backgrounds allow you to “seat” your Zoom participants next to each other in the setting of your choice. It’s so much better than seeing each participant in their own little screen with their differing home backgrounds.

Communication Online

If you need help meeting Zoom backgrounds requirements, there are helpful step-by-step guides online to assist you. Once you and your team get set up the first time, you should have an easier time getting connected for future meetings. Just keep in mind that you may need to do some troubleshooting the first time you use Zoom backgrounds. A very good option to consider is a realistic zoom background. A real Zoom background offers a more authentic and professional touch to your virtual meetings by showcasing genuine office or workspace environments. This creates a polished appearance, eliminates distractions, and enhances your overall video conferencing experience. Some companies can arrange your workspace to look just the way you prefer. 

Online tutorials can also walk you through how to mirror virtual background in Google Meet if you don’t want to do a Zoom call. To sum up, there are many ways to meet virtually so you don’t feel like you and your team are miles apart.

How Leadership Is Changing

Leadership inevitably has to change in a world where more people are working virtually than ever before. Here are five ways to meet the challenge and improve your virtual leadership.

  1. Communicate
  2. Set expectations clearly
  3. Listen to your team while trying to solve any problems they’re experiencing while working virtually
  4. Be transparent
  5. Acknowledge individuals so they know they matter

These are all great ways to take your virtual leadership game to the next level. As you communicate, clearly set expectations and listen to your team, you’ll help boost productivity and keep everyone on the same page. Transparency and acknowledging individuals are important for keeping your team members engaged and feeling valued.

These virtual skills may take some time to develop, but begin working on them now. Your team will respond and you’ll start to notice improvements in performance and morale.

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