Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer: What Are the Options?

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Cancer is a life-threatening disease and is affecting a huge population around the globe. There are a hundred different types of cancer that can be found at any stage.

When it comes to treatment, we have many available options. The effects and side effects of these treatments go side by side but the side effects are what is mostly discussed, told by a renowned radiologist in Rawalpindi, my aunt was visiting for her treatment.

Common Cancer Myths

Just like any other disease, everyone has a word to say about cancer. But the disease can be more troubling with all the misconceptions on this. Some of the common misconceptions about cancer are;

1- Cancer biopsy can spread the cancer

Cancer biopsy is a common cancer diagnostic procedure and biopsy is considered. One of the most common misconceptions about cancer is that cancer biopsy can result in cancer spread. However, cancer biopsy isn’t the cause of cancer spread and can’t make it malignant. So, you can rely on biopsy proved

2- A breast lump is always breast cancer

The next misconception about cancer is, particularly about breast cancer. As we all know, self-examination is the first thing when it comes to cancer diagnosis and that’s exactly where our next misconception arises. It is considered that if during self-examine you find a cancer lump, you are more likely to suffer from breast cancer. Remember this is not necessarily true because a lump isn’t always cancerous.

3- Cancer treatment is not for pregnant women

A cancer diagnosis is followed by a lot of treatment options and when coming to these options, chemical or radiation therapy is the commonly used cancer treatment option. In certain cases, surgical tumour removal is also considered an effective cancer treatment option. However, these treatment options are not discussed alone, associated are the risks associated with these treatments. Owing to these risks, it is often considered that cancer treatment is not for pregnant women.

4- You can kill cancer by avoiding sugar

It is commonly believed that cancer spreads in the body when there is a continuous sugar supply. Owing to this popular belief, most people even physicians claim that you can prevent cancer if you interrupt sugar supply to the body. However, it is not completely true.

Undoubtedly sugar supply plays an important role in nourishing cancer cells but there is a phenomenon of angiogenesis through which blood vessels are built around the growing cancer tumour.

These newly formed blood vessels keep nourishing the growing tumour and don’t let it be deprived of necessary nutrients. So, leaving sugar is not going to kill your cancer cells. Further, it is impossible to eliminate sugar from your diet, because all the food we eat is ultimately converted to glucose which is the energy deriving unit of your cells.

5- I can’t get cancer because it’s not in my genes

Popular belief says that people who have cancer in their family are more likely to develop it. It is also believed that the absence of cancer in family history can keep you safe from developing it. Remember cancer onset isn’t only dependent upon your family history and genes.

Inheritance of cancer-causing genes is only one of the factors for the onset of disease with many others which you can control, said a renowned physician from Madina medical centre in Rawalpindi. Your unhealthy lifestyle and bad lifestyle choices significantly increase your risk of cancer development.

6- You can cure cancer with herbal treatments

The fight between herbal and allopathic medicine is years old and cancer is no exception to this. While herbal treatments are considered effective against many diseases, similar claims exist about cancer too. It is believed that you can cure cancer with herbal medicines and can eliminate the cancer cells.

Remember not all cancers can be treated with herbal medicines and many of them might require surgical processes. If you are living on herbal treatment and believing that cancer will go away with it, then I suggest you visit an oncologist and discuss the treatment. 

Understanding Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Cancer treatment is a crucial aspect of battling the disease, but it often comes with its own set of challenges. As highlighted by a renowned radiologist in Rawalpindi, side effects are a significant concern for patients undergoing treatment. While there are numerous options available for treatment, the effects and potential side effects are important considerations. This paragraph will delve into the various side effects associated with cancer treatment, shedding light on the importance of managing them effectively for better patient outcomes.


Undoubtedly cancer is a life-threatening disease but it can be traumatic for anyone. However, advances in medical science are revolutionizing the field of cancer treatment. Remember, before the treatment cancer prevention using lifestyle modifications remains the first.

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