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“It’s all about a balancing act between time, temperature and ingredients: That’s the art of baking.” – Peter Reinhart Some say baking is an art, while some say baking is therapeutic. While some others claim baking results in creating a whole lot of mess. All of these beliefs are somewhat held to be true, but mostly that baking is an art which can be mastered by balancing out all the important factors of baking. As the above quote says, be it proportions, temperature, time, method or anything else. If all of these factors are not kept in mind while baking a cake, all your efforts might just go into vain and the final product ends up going to the dustbin. And then you would have no other choice than to order cake online in Gurgaon or whichever place that you are residing. But, we are humans, if we don’t commit a few silly mistakes while baking, then who would? Right? Which is why don’t let your cake make it to the dustbin, even if it gets spoilt somehow. Try implementing these quick baking fixes to prevent your cake and labour go all in vain.

Burnt Your Cake

One of the most common mistakes that an amateur baker is likely to commit is setting the temperature so high that it ends up burning the cake. Although you would be keeping a time check mentioned, the next time when you are baking, what about this time? Baking Fixes include the use of a strainer or chalni to rub off the burnt portion of the cake. You can even slice the cake tops with the help of a knife to scrape it off. 

Sunken Cake

Undercooked cake batter often results in sunken cake. To avoid this cake disaster, you might like to avoid opening up the oven doors, frequently. But to make up for this disaster, one could either cover up the crown of the cake with some frosting or chopped fruits. Or one can even cut out the sunken part of the cake and turn your round-shaped cake into a ring-shaped cake.

Dried Cake

Often, due to overbaking the cake batter one ends up drying up the cake totally. Or when one stores some leftover cake. All one needs to do is to cut the cake into two halves and meanwhile, prepare 60gms sugar, 3 tbs of water and 2 tbs of fruit juice syrup. Brush this syrup over the cake. If this doesn’t seem to be much feasible to you, you can absolutely squeeze some lemon juice over the cake, wrap and store it comfortably fresh for 2 days, straight. 

Cake Got Stuck To The Baking Pan

This happens due to either not lining up the parchment paper properly or not greasing the pan with sufficient baking spray or butter. Sometimes, when cakes tend to have high sugar or honey content, bakers face this issue. Next time, you can use silicone baking pans to avoid any such disaster. But, for now, you can cut the cake into small pieces and turn them into mini cakes. Make sure to decorate it with fresh frosting.

Baking Fixes used for Heavy Cake –

Sometime over mixing of batter or splitting of egg molecules can result in heavy cakes. Use the cut and fold method to mix the cake batter, form the next time. But for now, you can cut off the heavy cake into small pieces and brush each of the pieces with oil or melted butter. Then separately bake those pieces until they attain the desired crunchiness. As cakes are not traditionally crunchy, you can serve these baked delights as cookies along with tea/coffee.

Runny Frosting

If you love to make the frosting too at your home, then good for you. To attain the frosting-like consistency, you can add some confectioners’ sugar—or cocoa powder to thicken the frosting. Make sure to let the frosting cool down before you start topping up your cake with it. If your kitchen is hot and humid, then you even might like to refrigerate the frosting before putting it into use. 

So, that was best 6 quick baking fixes to save your cake, efforts and time go all in vain. Hope that you will try these fixes before you have decided your cake to throw away. 

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