How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Color You'll Love
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Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Perhaps, some people prefer light color cabinets. On the other hand, many others like to go with darker kitchen cabinets. They give a warm feel to your home interior. In addition, dark and deep shades offer alignment with the kitchen cabinets. You might be wrong if you think dark cabinets are not practical. In that case, check out the variety of dark shades in J&K cabinetry.

Moreover, most people think of only gray, black, and navy colors. But, there are many other options for darker cabinets. For instance, if you have a white counter, go for dark chocolate cabinets. Similarly, there are darker tones of red, green, yellow, brown, and blue. All of these colors will have a different impact on your kitchen.  

There is more to cabinets than only colors. Let’s give you some reasons to choose darker cabinets for your kitchen:

  1. They are bold and edgy
  2. Ideal for a luxury outlook
  3. Cozy atmosphere
  4. Scope for mix and match
  5. Perfect for a larger kitchen
  6. Can hide stains and scratches

They are bold and edgy:

Well, dark color cabinets can bring style to your dull space. The color tones like black, dark brown, navy, and gray are bold and edgy. Also, they look vibrant from afar. In that case, J&K cabinetry has some beautiful dark shades that will make your kitchen stand out. They offer mocha glaze, espresso, mahogany red, and others. So, make a move on these bold color tones.

Ideal for a luxury outlook:

If you are looking for a luxury outlook, go for darker finishes. These dark shades give a formal yet stylish look to the kitchen cabinets. So, for a large kitchen counter, a darker finish is the perfect choice for you. Also, they add a sense of richness to your cooking area. In that case, dark brown or deep red color cabinets with a high-end finish are a great idea. 

Cozy atmosphere:

No doubt, lighter cabinets are airy and fresh to look at. But, darker cabinets give coziness to your kitchen. Similarly, they provide a sense of belonging to your home. Also, dark gray and navy cabinets are inviting colors. You can give warmth to your place with these darker shades. In addition, they look beautiful in glazed finishes. 

Scope for mix and match:

Well, darker cabinets become a focal point of your kitchen. So, it is fun to mix and match colors with them. You can explore many designs with darker tones. If you have a black counter and white walls, go for dark red cabinetry. In addition, black and white is a popular mix of light and dark tones. In the same way, choose navy blue cabinets with light grey counters.

However, too much darkness can be gloomy. So, it is better to contrast light walls and flooring with dark cabinets. For off-white walls, dark brown cabinets give a calming effect. Also, dark green and yellow are less common colors. That is why they look unique and trendy in open kitchens.  

Perfect for a larger kitchen:

If you have a larger kitchen, it is a reason to choose darker cabinets. Light or neutral cabinets can make your large kitchen look boring. That is why the darker cabinet is the best choice for your place. In this case, opt for mahogany red from J&K cabinetry. Also, they have java and dark chocolate to go with your large size kitchen. These colors will give a luxurious touch to your place.

Can hide stains and scratches:

For instance, you have a busy kitchen with kids. A darker cabinet can hide the stains and scratches of daily wear and tear. In this way, dark cabinetry can handle the hassle of your kitchen. They not only hide marks but also do not show stains as well. So, if you have pets at home, dark color cabinets are the best choice for you. 

Some tips for darker cabinetry:

  • Make sure the kitchen has natural light and extra lighting for the night.
  • Avoid going for an all-dark theme. It will harm your mind.
  • Also, try to mix and match lighter tones with darker NKBC cabinets.
  • Choose mid-tones for backsplashes (brown, cream, light grey, or pink).


There are various options in darker finishes. Dark cabinet can be hard to match with other elements. But, they are ideal for larger kitchens. In addition, darker tones can give a luxury outlook to your interior. So, if you want to have warmth and coziness in your kitchen, go for J&K cabinetryAlso, try to balance the dark tones with lighter walls and floors. Hopefully, this post will help you pick the best colors and themes. 

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