Countertop Surfaces That Can Change The Look Of A Bathroom

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Countertop surfaces are one such thing that brings about a positive change in the overall look of kitchens or bathrooms. These are the horizontal or flat surfaces of a counter built to work in kitchens, bathrooms or other areas of work. Countertops are built from various materials, but the cost of every material differs. They are also different in their quality, performance and durability.

Selecting the perfect material for the countertops in bathrooms can be a tedious task, but the knowledge of different types of countertops can make the task easier.

Vanity tops are considered to be one of the best countertops for bathrooms. They are highly durable and are capable of facing water, soap and cosmetics. It also provides enough space in the bathroom to carry out all bathroom activities. It also serves as a link between the wood cabinets and the tile walls.

In the further section, we will look at different countertops and the edge of blue marble bathroom countertops.

1. Marble

As a type of limestone, marble provides a stylish and classic look to a bathroom. The availability of a wide range of pattern variations and colours make it a good option for countertops. The most appealing marble is the blue marble bathroom countertops because of their attractive quotient.

2. Granite

Another commonly used countertop for bathrooms is granite. Being a natural stone, it provides an eye-catchy look with a dramatic style. It is available in various patterns, colours, and styles. Adding to its attributes are its hard and durable surface which makes it scratch resistant and gives it the ability to fight humidity and heat.

3. Quartz

Quartz occurs naturally on earth, and it’s abundantly available. Durability and resistance of bacteria and stains are its main features. Another attribute that makes it attractive to people is that it is waterproof and does not have any need to seal.

4. Concrete

Concrete can be made available as per the expectations of the customer. It is very light in weight and durable. But it requires timely sealing and waxing to ensure proper performance. The biggest con is that it is prone to damage as it has porous properties.

5. Tile

Tile serves a big range of options such as ceramic, glass, porcelain, and other tiles. One fact related to it is that each of its kinds has an unlimited availability of colours, shapes and sizes. It can also be customized with handpicked patterns.

6. Laminate

It is generally referred to as the most practical countertop material for bathrooms. They are suitable for areas that are prone to heavy usage but very less abuse. Thin plastic material is used in laminate. The laminate comes in various patterns and colours and can be customized accordingly. The availability of laminate dates back to the 1960s and went through various upgrades.

Final Overview

As mentioned above, there are plenty of countertop surfaces that can entirely change the look of a bathroom and can withstand all the conditions. So far, blue marble bathroom countertops are considered to be the best, but it completely depends on the choice and liking of the person concerned.

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