Smart Home Devices That Make For the Perfect Gift

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Smart Home Devices for your relatives or friends are always one of the best options for a gift, whether it is a late Christmas present, a birthday present, or even for a housewarming present! With almost all American households owning at least one smart home gadget, adding more or even gifting your friends their very first smart gadget can go a long way. After all, this is the era where we will see a rise in Smart Homes which merely consist of multiple smart gadgets.

Here are some options that may light up (quite literally) your friend’s or relative’s day!

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is now widely popular in the market, whether it is a smart LED bulb with various color combinations or LED strip lights to attach to your ceiling. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control, you can now turn your lights on and off with a single voice command or with a single tap on your smartphones and tablets. Gone are the days of entering a dark room and having to look for the light or being scared of the dark. Simply say “Turn on the lights,” and your voice assistant will!

Whether it’s for teenagers or adults, the color-changing options of Smart LED lights can be a perfect fit for anybody’s room. It’s ideal to let’s say, make a TikTok video, or set the mood for movie night – these smart lights can basically create the perfect ambiance for pretty much anything.

One big advantage of smart lighting is that they utilize LED light bulbs. Compared to fluorescent lights they do not tend to overheat and thus last way longer and, are much more energy-efficient. Smart lighting almost always comes with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to smart devices or other compatible smart home products as well. Users also have the ease to create schedules to control their functioning – it’s perfect for when you’re away from home. For example, users can configure their smart bulbs in the front porch to turn on if their smart camera detects any motion outside the house.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are easy to use and easy to install – just plug them in! With a busy schedule, people usually forget to unplug their devices such as chargers, lamps, and curling irons for instance. Rather than spending your time worrying whether you unplugged these before leaving the house, or taking a U-turn to take a quick check, users can now simply use their smartphones to turn their smart plugs off from literally wherever they are!

A smart home product won’t be smart without its essential voice command feature. With Wi-Fi connectivity, smart plugs can also be controlled through voice commands, adding to their accessibility and convenience factors. Smart Plugs also don’t require any additional hardware and can make almost every connectable device smart. Whether it’s a kitchen appliance or a phone charger, you can now use your voice or your smartphone to turn them on or off. How cool and nifty is that? All for a little price and a much smarter home!

Smart Speaker

With voice-controlled devices, a smart speaker can be a great addition to any smart home or the first product to make your friend’s home much more tech-savvy and modern.

The Google Nest Mini, for instance, is the best smart speaker on the market with its affordable price range – $49 at first engery.  It offers a compact and sleek design making it all the more portable, and easy to fit into any home aesthetic. So whether it’s inside the house or you take it out to an outdoor picnic (with a portable Wi-Fi device of course) the Nest Mini makes for the best speaker to enjoy your day listening to music and lounging around.

The Nest Mini is also compatible with numerous devices, meaning you’ll be able to control your smart plugs, smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart kitchen appliances through simple voice commands! Additionally, users can connect their smart speaker to their home Smart TV and enjoy their favorite movies and songs, as the Nest supports a wide variety of streaming services that include YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and Netflix!

With an improved voice recognition feature, it covers a greater range meaning users can also set alarms and reminders from across the room! The Nest provides an overall rich sound and is made of sustainable materials. And might we add, it is the best on the market right now if you’re looking for an affordable alternate compared to the more expensive, or bigger smart speakers/voice assistants.

A Smart Router

Yes, you read that right – there are such things as smart Wi-Fi routers! When looking for Wi-Fi routers, users usually want higher coverage throughout their homes without lags, but with traditional routers, the connectivity and coverage can be severely limiting. People also tend to opt for the modems that their service provider provides them with upon subscription. But for extra coverage, you would of course require a router.

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or relative that is already tech-savvy and has multiple smart devices in their house, a good router like the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router can be the perfect gift as it provides strong and seamless connectivity with multiple devices connected to it simultaneously!

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