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When it comes to your wedding, you’d want to make it as unique and memorable as possible, right? Well, this includes the invitation cards too. Regardless of whether you buy a pre-made design or order a custom-designed wedding card, you need to make sure it stands out. With that said, let’s check out what you can do to make sure your invitation cards don’t look the same as numerous other wedding invitations. 

How to make your wedding invitation cards stand out from the rest?

While coming up with a unique and memorable wedding invitation card is challenging, it’s not impossible. Here are 6 ways to make it stand out:

Printing methods

The look and feel of an invitation card depend on the printing methods used. Remember, you can incorporate a variety of printing techniques to give it a unique and attractive appearance: 

Metal foiling:

You may use foils of different metallic shades such as gold, rose gold, copper, bronze, etc. to create design patterns or highlight text. The metallic foils add a premium and elegant style to the invitation card.


Embossing your wedding invitation card is a great way to create a raised visual effect and add texture to it. This technique can highlight the wedding announcement or the names on the cover. 


This printing technique involves creating the design on a plate and then pressing it into premium cotton paper. The plate engraves the design on the paper. It comes complete with all the details and adding a unique feel to the card. 

You may check with reputed wedding invitation card makers to see which printing methods they offer and explore your options. 

Digital information

Lately, a growing number of people have been putting up their wedding details online for their invitees. It is because it might be challenging or even impossible to fit all the information on the invitation card. You can use your wedding card to tell the invitees where to look for the details online in several ways:


If you decide to create a website that the guests can visit to check out the details, you can put the URL on the invitation card. A website is a great way to share information in an interactive manner. 


If you’ve posted the details on your social media pages, marking them with unique hashtags and printing the hashtag on the cards would be convenient. The guests can look up the hashtag to find the information they seek. 

QR codes:

This is a much more sophisticated way to share the details. You need to create a QR code and print it on the card. Rather than typing in a website URL, someone can scan the code to open the webpage. QR codes are also perfect for inviting recipients to group chats since those URLs can be lengthy. 

All these methods are very cost-effective, as you can build websites and create QR codes for free using online tools. 

Adding a Personal Touch

Making your wedding invitation cards stand out involves more than just aesthetics; it’s about infusing them with your unique personality and style. While exploring printing methods, materials, and designs is crucial, don’t overlook the opportunity to add a personal touch. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, a favorite quote, or a subtle nod to your shared interests, incorporating elements that resonate with you and your partner can make your invitations truly unforgettable. Remember, your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have into your special day, so seize the opportunity to make them reflect the essence of your love story.

Theme-based design

Another effective way to design a unique wedding invitation card is to incorporate a theme. Especially if you have a theme planned for the wedding, you should design the cards based on the said theme too. However, even if that isn’t the case, one can go for any relevant theme. For instance, using something that the couple is passionate about would personalize the card better. A theme not only makes your invitation card different from the rest but also helps add consistency to its design. 


The material of your wedding invitation card affects both its look and texture. You may choose from different types of paper and other materials to customize your invitation card:


For those who prefer thick and sturdy paper, board would be an ideal material. It consists of three layers of paper and has a cotton texture on it. 


Looking for a more sleek and stylish option? You could use acrylic sheets for the cover. Acrylic is perfect for those going for a minimalistic design. 


Another popular material used in wedding invitation cards is vellum. Like acrylic, this translucent material helps make a see-through cover for the card. However, the frosted design gives it a more unique and attractive look. 


To give your invitation card a shiny and attractive finish, you may use pearlescent paper. If the card has a photograph on it, the shimmering finish of the paper will add a soft glow to it. 

Die-cut shapes

Your wedding invitation card doesn’t necessarily have to be a rectangle. You can get the card die-cut to give it scalloped or rounded corners. If you aren’t a fan of rectangular cards at all, you may even go for a completely different shape. 

Hire the right wedding invitation card company

Involving experienced and skilled professionals is always a great idea when it comes to creative designs. Their experience allows them to quickly come up with unique designs that would suit your tastes. The leading wedding invitation card companies like Pietra Paper Design also offer pre-made designs of various styles to choose from, which would save you a lot of time and hassle. 

However, if you can’t find something suitable or would like something unique, you may request a custom-designed card too. However, you must choose a company that can deliver what you’re looking for. It would be wise to check out the existing wedding card designs in their portfolio to get an idea of what they can come up with. 

Take Pictures

Wedding invitations, envelopes, and any other stationery make great establishing shots for your wedding photography gallery. Local wedding photographers like to shoot the ‘things’ first, like the dress, the shoes, the rings, the venue – and of course the wedding invitations. Photographing your wedding invitaitons on your wedding day are an excellent way to start telling your wedding story. Your wedding photographer will now how to arrange them to look impressive on your wedding pictures.


Don’t hesitate to explore different design ideas for your wedding invitation card. Check out what the reputed card design companies around you offer. If needed, get in touch with them to enquire about the design techniques they use and discuss your custom design requirements. Putting some time and effort into getting your wedding invitation card designed by experts will help you stand out this wedding season. No wonder, why hundreds of people planning to celebrate the big event count on these experts.

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