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Last Updated on March 9, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

In the corporate world, business cards matter a lot. Therefore, creating a business card that can leave a lasting impression is crucial. After all, a business card is one of the best marketing tools available, with every detail an investor or prospective customer will require. The latest and most innovative business card is the NFC business card (near-field communication). It allows any professional to share details with just a tap. 

However, the question is: how do you design an NFC business card with a lasting impression? Something that also stands out from the crowd? Well, that is what this blog is all about. It talks about the design tips for a well-crafted NFC business card because the design is the first thing to consider when creating one. 

Look at the blog below for design tips for an NFC business card. 

Design tips for impressive NFC business cards 

Be mindful of the design. 

The best design tip for NFC business cards is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Sure, you want a visually appealing business card, but what is the point if it is not functional? So, take the placement of the NFC chip seriously. It should not interfere with the card’s design but should also be accessible. When choosing the design, keep these things in mind: 

  • Choose a color that aligns the card with your brand’s theme. For an individual, using a color that evokes emotions is better. 
  • Select fonts that are easy to comprehend, even from a distance. You can experiment with the font, but do not use something weird. 
  • Again, ensure the composition and layout of the card are balanced. Ensure you put the logo in the correct part of the card, and other details should follow. Avoid making a cluttered card. 

You can use unique shapes or sizes for your NFC card, given that it goes with your business.  

Add the correct information. 

There is limited storage capacity on an NFC business card. So, ensure you choose carefully what information should go on the chip. It is essential to focus on critical details like the job title, phone number, email address, and company name and address. Adding a website URL, social media profiles, and portfolio link, if you have one, is also necessary. But do not put anything extra that is not required on the card. 

Make use of NFC technology. 

Since you are making an NFC business card, use the NFC technology in your card. For instance, when tapped with your phone, you can program the card to do particular things. For instance, you can program the chip to open your website or PowerPoint, add contact information to the recipient’s smartphone, and more. You can program all this into your business card using NFC technology. 

Always add a call to action. 

Adding a clear CTA or call-to-action to your business card makes it more impressive. Also, when something has clear instructions, people follow it better. So, adding simple instructions like ‘tap to connect’ or ‘scan the chip to download our menu’ can always work. When you add a clear direction, you increase the chances of the recipient engaging with your card. 

Use the correct material. 

You should choose the right material for your NFC business card, as that ensures functionality and impression. Tips to remember when choosing its material include: 

  • Choose a durable material that doesn’t wear because everyone uses NFC cards repeatedly. Choose a water-resistant card that is also resistant to scratches. 
  • Choose a material compatible with NFC technology because not all materials are. Paper and plastic business cards are most compatible with NFC technology and do not interfere with the NFC signal. 
  • The material should be such that you can design it however you want. The endless possibilities you have in mind for your card should be realized with the material you choose. 

Test its functionality. 

Before you go ahead and print multiple batches of NFC business cards, ensure you test their functionality. Check to see if they are programmed correctly or not and how seamlessly they work with smartphones. Doing this is crucial to ensuring the card recipient has a positive experience with the business card. 

 Be creative 

You can be creative with your business cards; adding a QR code makes them even more impressive. Or choosing a different shape works, too. For instance, a musician can create a business card shaped like a guitar or piano as it will work for them. 


You should consider investing in an NFC business card as a business owner. Designing it is simple, especially if you follow the rules mentioned above. Also, focus on content and user experience to create a professional business card that reflects your brand. All this will help employees, customers, and clients connect with you more easily.