felony Charges

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In 2022, the US had 369.8 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which also resulted in felony charges. Felony charges are the most serious charges that can be brought against a person. Any charge that contains a death penalty or imprisonment of more than one year is considered a felony charge. These charges can damage freedom, reputation, and prospects. 

Felony cases must be handled by expert attorneys, like Chudnovsky Law, who have ample experience in them. These cases are also presented differently in court than other cases. If you need more information regarding felony cases, you can consult an experienced criminal lawyer who will help you understand all aspects of the case. 

You can learn more about the most common felony charges in this article: 


Killing someone on purpose is a serious crime. For second-degree murder, you must have meant to hurt someone, but for first-degree murder, you must have planned to kill. Killing someone can get you a long jail sentence or even the death penalty, depending on the state laws and the severity of the crime. 

Sexual Abuse 

Any kind of physical sexual attack is a felony crime and contains harsh punishment. Any non-consensual sexual contact falls under this category. 


Abducting someone for ransom, sexual assault, or robbery is considered kidnapping. Kidnapping convictions frequently result in long prison sentences, depending on the victim’s age and aggravating circumstances. 

Armed Robbery 

Armed robbery is usually a felony case due to the use of deadly weapons and the physical and emotional trauma to the victim. These things affect armed robbery sentences, which is why you need a proactive criminal defense lawyer to help you deal with the charges. 

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Drug Trafficking 

It is a very dangerous crime to sell or transport illegal drugs. The type and amount of drugs determine how serious the charge is. Drug traffickers get harsh jail terms as part of society’s war on drugs. 

Aggravated Assault 

This is when you hurt someone on purpose, maybe with a dangerous tool. This act can kill or hurt someone. The harsh punishments for aggravated attacks show that people don’t accept violence. 

Long jail terms, fines, and compensating the victim for medical bills are all possible punishments. Skilled lawyers have to find their way through the complicated legal system and get the best outcome for their clients in violent attack cases. 

Fraud and White-Collar Crimes 

Fraud, theft, and dealing with inside information are all serious financial crimes. Crimes that don’t involve violence, like theft, lying, and trickery, cost society money. Even though they are not aggressive, white-collar crimes have very bad consequences. 

Heavy fines, victim compensation, and long prison terms are all part of these judgments. Criminals accused of white-collar crimes have to deal with complicated legal processes and need experienced lawyers to help them build a solid case. The lawyer will consider the nuances of financial crimes and try to get the best possible outcome. 


A felony charge is a serious situation. Any misrepresentation of facts in court can land someone in prison for a long time. People facing such charges need skilled lawyers to help them navigate the legal proceedings and get the best results.