A Step By Step Guide To Change Newborn Diapers

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Becoming a parent is such an exhilarating feeling! The joy of holding your baby in your arms, watching them while they are sleeping, touching their tiny toes and kissing their button nose become the highlight of your day. What DOES NOT become a highlight of the day, multiple times a day is changing the newborn diapers!

A newborn baby can poop anything between 3 to 4 poops a day to even 12 poops every day. Thus, the frequency of newborn diapers changing will become a part of your daily schedule multiple times. Therefore, getting it right is essential. This article will help you understand the step-by-step process and what needs to be considered for newborn diapers changing.

Before You Change Their Diaper

You need to remember certain things before you change your baby’s diaper. These few tips and tricks will make the process of changing newborn diapers a little less tiresome and exhausting for you.

Gentle Touch –

The baby might not like the diaper change time in the initial few days. Changing newborn diapers might not be the most fun thing you would do. But still, ensure a gentle and loving touch so that your baby also gets comfortable with the process and doesn’t get anxious.

Something To Distract –

If your child is too fixated on you changing the newborn diapers, they might wiggle, kick in the air or cry. This would make it difficult for you to change the diapers. So instead, give them a rattle, a cot mobile or a toy to distract them while changing the diapers.

A Washed Cloth Diaper –

Keep a few washed cloth diapers handy near your baby’s cot or bed at all times. There might be code yellow at any given time, and you might need to get into the ninja mode to change the newborn diapers without notice.

Washcloth Or Wipes –

It is essential to clean the bum properly to avoid diaper rashes. Thus keep a washcloth with a mug of lukewarm water or some wipes ready while changing diapers.

A Diaper Mat –

You would not want to spoil your bed sheet or sofa while changing the poop because you never know the consistency of your newborn baby’s poop. Changing diapers while the baby is comfortably placed on a diaper mat could help you avoid the mess.

A Pair Of Change Clothes –

The poop or the pee while changing or because of ill-fitting might spoil your baby’s clothes. Keep a pair of change clothes handy too.

Umbilical Stump Care

If your baby’s umbilical stump has not fallen yet, ensure that the diaper sizing is such that it does not press upon or irritate that area of your baby.

Rash Care

If your baby has a diaper rash, give them some diaper-free time between diaper changes and let the skin dry properly and breathe for a while before making them wear the next diaper.

While Changing The Diaper

Here are simple steps to changing the newborn diapers:

  • Place your baby on a clean and flat surface. Ensure that the baby is not on the ends of a higher surface such as a bed or sofa, etc. Even if your attention is somewhere else and your baby rolls over, it can be dangerous and cause injury to your baby.
  • Take the dirty diaper off. Taking a cloth diaper off is very easy – all you need to do is open the snaps, lift your baby’s bum or legs and slip the diaper off the bum. If there is no poop in the diaper and you are changing just wet newborn diapers, you may even fold the diaper under your baby’s bum to clean the bum first.
  • Now is the time to clean the bum of your baby. Do not clean from the bum towards the vulva in the case of girls. This may lead to poop getting trapped in their vulva and cause infections. Also, make sure to clean the folds between the thighs for proper hygiene.
  • And finally, put the diaper on! Newborn diapers such as SuperBottoms Newborn UNO that fit from 2.5 KGs onwards and up to 7 KGs have an easy to fasten Velcro system that makes diaper changing hassle-free for parents.

After The Diaper Change

Wait, you are not done yet! For the longer life of your newborn diapers, it is essential to understand how to handle a cloth diaper after changing them. First, knock the poop off the diaper with the help of a spray jet or a wipe. Then, rinse the diaper with some water. Finally, you can toss them in with the regular clothes load for washing in the washing machine or hand wash them.

Like any other skin that comes with parenting, mastering the skill of fitting and making your baby wear a diaper needs practice and patience. But once you master it and become a diapering ninja, you will love to give your baby that clean, fresh feeling and get them ready for some more fun, cuddles and kisses.

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