How about Olight Warrior X 3 Tactical Flashlight?

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When it comes to tactical equipment, many people may think that it should have various functions. Such as some multi-tool knives. But in fact, in the real battlefield, of course, the simpler, the better. On the one hand, the failure rate of simple equipment is low, and on the other hand, it is easy to deploy and use, saving time. Just like the new tactical flashlight experienced today, Warrior X 3 Tactical Flashlight, what is the highlight? Read on to find out.


As the latest product of Olight, the packaging of Olight Warrior X 3 is the same as the previous products. The front is a high-definition rendering, the top is the Logo and the product model, and of course, the two most important numbers of the product are “2500” and “560”.


  • Warrior X 3 (Battery Included) x 1
  • Warrior Ring x 1
  • Silicone Tactical Grip Ring x 1
  • MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
  • Holster x 1
  • User Manual x 1

The Holster is made of nylon and is a medium size that can be easily mounted on a belt. Opening the lid is also a magnetic design, just for one goal: quick opening

The Warrior X 3 is also moderately sized, with an overall length of 149.5mm and a weight of 255g (including battery and tactical ring). The lamp head will be slightly thicker, and there will be a circle of very thick lines. In terms of color matching, there are currently two: classic black and military green with a military style.

What is the most eye-catching design on the Warrior X 3? It is the detachable stainless steel Warrior Ring, which has a tip for self-defense, window breaking and other operations.

For example, for daily use, the following posture can be used: the index finger is placed in the tactical ring, and the thumb is used to press the switch of the tail flashlight. This is a comfortable and robust way of holding. At the same time, punching in this way will also bring a certain lethality, which meets the needs of some tactical equipment usage scenarios.

Of course, the stainless steel tactical ring also adopts a detachable design. After removing the tail, it is very easy to replace the silicone tactical ring. The main function is to prevent slippage.

Although the WARRIOR X3 with the stainless steel tactical ring looks a bit large, it can be easily tucked into some tactical backpacks.

Compared with other strong light flashlights, the Olight WARRIOR X3 is actually slightly shorter in length, but it is much better in terms of appearance and texture. However, the WARRIOR X3 does not have a preset lanyard hole.

In the lamp head part, both sides are designed with an attacking head. It’s just that the attack head of the WARRIOR X3 is an additional stainless steel attack head, which is colored by anodizing, and is also inlaid with 3 zirconium beads, which are symmetrically distributed at 120°. Some people may know that the main function of zirconium beads is to break windows, especially for a tempered glass of car windows and other parts, which can instantly destroy the tension on the surface of tempered glass and quickly break windows.

In terms of battery, the WARRIOR X3 is equipped with a customized 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery. The advantages and disadvantages of this battery are obvious. The advantages are long battery life and long run time. The disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive.

In terms of lamp beads, the model of Olight WARRIOR X 3 is LUMINUS SFT-70-W, which is produced by LUMINUS (USA Brand). Going back to the two sets of numbers on the outer packaging, the maximum brightness of the WARRIOR X3 can reach 2500 lumens, and the range reaches 560 meters. The default gear is also two gears, lightly pressing is the lighting gear, and heavy pressing is the strong light gear.

In terms of charging, Olight WARRIOR X 3 is equipped with MCC3 magnetic charging, which supports 2A high current, so it can be fully charged in as fast as 5.5 hours. As for the power situation, the method adopted by Olight WARRIOR X 3 is also very advanced. It does not have various color indicators, but uses the built-in smart motor to remind users of low power through vibration. Are very tactical?

The buttons of the tail cover can be pressed lightly and hard respectively. At the same time, an anti-short circuit false trigger circuit design is also added, which is also safer when transporting and carrying.

Of course, as tactical equipment, WARRIOR X3 also supports sROD-7, the latest magnetic belt lock dual-button wire-controlled switch. The main function of this device is to use it in some weapon mounting scenarios, and it is more convenient to operate by pressing the wire-controlled switch.

Actual Use:

Although Olight WARRIOR X 3 is divided into 2 gears, each gear also has automatic brightness adjustment. For example, the maximum brightness of the bright light gear can last for 2.5 minutes, followed by the 1000-lumen gear for 129 minutes and then the 300-lumen gear for 13 minutes. If only 300 lumens of lighting gear is used, the run time of the flashlight can reach 8 hours.

Scenario 1: Stand on the 3rd floor facing the park downstairs.

Scene 1: Standing on the 3rd floor against the park below use.

It was raining, although the park has small street lights, but basically are in a very hazy state; trees and other scenes are not visible to the naked eye.

Turn on the strong light gear of Olight WARRIOR X 3, and the small park is instantly brighter.

Scenario 2: Test a base station tower at the height of 50 meters.

Under the default light source, you can only vaguely see the LED lights emitted by the equipment inside the base station. After the flashlight can be turned on, the whole picture of the entire base station signal tower can be seen at a glance. It can be seen that 2500 lumens is really good.


As a tactical flashlight, the function of the WARRIOR X 3 is very simple. Although there are only two gear for strong light and illumination, the Strobe design is not even added. But that doesn’t stop it from being an excellent tactical flashlight. You must know that the maximum brightness of 2500 lumens, wearable stainless steel attack ring, attack head with zirconium beads on the top, low-battery silent vibration reminder, and support for wire-controlled switches, etc., are not available in many ordinary flashlights.

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