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If you are a victim of a hit and run accident, your priority will be to get the necessary medical help so that you recover from the accident as early as possible. Being the victim of an accident is one of the most traumatic incidents of your life. Moreover, your lawyer will ensure that you get all the necessary medical aid. In a pedestrian accident claim, as per Louis Law Group, medical assistance is of paramount importance as all of these documents must be presented when you apply for claims to the insurance company. In addition, your lawyer will not be able to prove liability unless he has all the necessary medical history and reports of the victim to back up your claim. Some of the ways that your insurance claims attorney can help you with your accident claim are as follows:

Simplifying the entire claims process

Simplifying the entire claims process The first objective of your attorney will be to simplify the entire insurance claims process. Pedestrian accidents claim can be pretty complex as the car driver will always try to blame you for the accident. It is also wise to get a good car insurance check best car insurance companies for different types of coverage. Why? For example, he can say that you were not careful or recklessly ignored a signal that resulted in the accident. But when you hire an attorney to represent your case and help you with the claims process, he can simplify it in the following manner:

  • Your attorney will gather all the necessary documents to prove liability. This is necessary to prove that any negligence on your part did not cause the accident.
  • Your attorney will have access to all the reports and investigations carried out by the police. This is necessary to establish the claims that you make and that you are adequately compensated.
  • Your lawyer will help you get all the documents necessary to help you with the claims process. The insurance companies often try to reject the claims by citing issues like improper filing of documents. However, if you have a lawyer to help with this, you can ensure that the papers will be filed correctly and on time.

Filing for insurance claims can prove to be a strenuous process. You will have to understand the legal aspect of it and also gain access to the investigation. Although all of these are within your rights, you might find it difficult, especially while negotiating with the insurance company’s representatives. Hence, you should hire a lawyer who will ensure that your rights are upheld during the entire process.

A lawyer can guide you regarding the compensation amount.

When you negotiate with the insurance company’s representatives, you will find that they will be sympathetic towards your cause. But it is important to remember that they are not working on your behalf but the behalf of the insurance firm. Hence, their lookout will be to benefit the insurance company. Victims of pedestrian accidents have often claimed that they have received less compensation than expected, although the insurance company representative seemed sympathetic. Thus, it would be best to have a lawyer who would evaluate your case and guide you regarding the compensation you can claim. The first thing that your lawyer will establish is a liability while advising you regarding the payment you can claim. For example, in certain states, the insurance companies can reduce the compensation amount by stating that the pedestrian was wearing dark clothes at night and the driver could not see clearly. This can be cited as a reason for not paying total compensation as they can put the responsibility on the shoulders of the pedestrian to a certain extent. Here you will need a lawyer who will argue on your behalf and ensure that your claims are upheld, and the liability is established. He will also help you understand the compensation that you can claim, keeping in mind the severity of the injuries that you have suffered. For all of these, you need a lawyer who will help you understand the compensation and the claims that you can make.

Understanding who is liable for the accident

This is important in case of a crosswalk accident. In a pedestrian accident, a thorough evaluation of the accident is necessary before presenting the claims. When evaluating the accident, the location and the exact accident scenario need to be assessed. Say, for instance, if the accident occurred on a crosswalk, you must consider the site and the construction of the crosswalk. If there is a significant engineering defect in the crosswalk construction, then a government entity is liable to pay for the compensation.

Similarly, a crosswalk is usually a location for a heavy traffic flow. However, if the accident was caused due to the driver’s negligence, for example, if he was talking on the phone while walking or he deliberately ignored a signal, then the fault lies entirely with him. Therefore, he is liable to pay for the compensation. Your lawyer is the only person who can evaluate the case and establish the liability. He will give you his honest opinion and tell you if you, too as a pedestrian, have any fault in the accident and accordingly guide you with the claims process. Therefore, understanding the liability of a pedestrian accident is necessary before moving ahead with a claims process.

According to Lawyer Roll, in most pedestrian accident cases, victims need to contact a Pedestrian Accident insurance claims attorney before filing for the claims. This is necessary to ensure that their rights are upheld, and they receive the maximum compensation. However, getting an insurance claim can prove to be a long-drawn process, and without a lawyer to help you, it will become all the more complicated. Your lawyer will help you not just with your case but also guide you with important decisions, such as whether you should take your case to court or accept an out of court settlement based on the offer made by the insurance company.

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