3 Online Shopping Hacks to Find the Perfect Fit Dress

E-commerce is rapidly growing worldwide, and it has a strong impression on Australians as well. Every year, Aussies approximately spend A$30.0 billion on online shopping. And according to a few reports, Australians generate almost 9% of their total revenue from online retailers. Moreover, in 2019, there were a few predictions on how the online retail market will boom by the end of the year and see tremendous growth in Australia’s economy.

That being said, people are obsessed with shopping online. So, they would look for dresses online in Australia, as well as shoes, medicines, and even other things like bathroom fitting, furniture, frames and more. In the meantime, the fashion industry has seen significant growth in its sales in the past decade, and it has become the most booming industry as things have moved to digital platforms. But even after so many years, many buyers find it difficult to shop online. Sometimes the buyer has an issue with the dress fabric, fitting and appearance. This is because there is a significant difference between what you see online and the final product that reaches your destination. Some buyers call it a scam, and some are delighted with the experiences.

Well, you can say that not every buyer has the proper sense to buy online. So, if you are interested in learning some hacks on shopping online, stay where you are and read this post carefully.

The struggle is natural to buy dresses online, especially when you can’t try them on. So, then how can you buy clothes from online retail stores that actually fit you?

Have a Measuring Tape Handy

Your body shape constantly changes; you might shed some weight or put on a little bit, but an inch or two can make a difference in how a dress fits you. So, before placing an order online, quickly take a measuring tape and take the measurements of your chest, hips, waist and arms. If you buy bottoms, you can go the same way to measure your thighs, hips and lower waist. Meanwhile, most Australians have a muscular build, so their brands also keep in mind to extend their size to 3XL, 4XL and beyond.

Rules for Measuring Your Body

Do not measure yourself when you are wearing clothes.

Just wear your undergarments and take the measurements of your body. Also, do not wear a padded bra if you want to get the actual measurements of your chest.

Take the measuring tape and stand in front of the mirror to see the exact number on the measuring tape.

Your breasts swell around the time of your menstruation cycle. So, you must measure your chest when it is in its full size to get the exact measurement.

Don’t measure with the tape too tight on your body, and make sure you take it straight when measuring your waist and hips.

Check the Size Chart of the Brand

Every brand determines its sizes differently. You cannot just assure that a size small from one brand will be similar to the other. So, always remember to check the size chart and see the measurements mentioned before buying any dresses online. And pick a size that is close to your body measurements and purchase it.

When you look for dresses online in Australia, you will find instructions on each platform about selecting a dress. They will also mention the fabric, the model size displaying the piece of clothing, and some other relevant information. And, to make your online shopping simpler, look for platforms that have flexible terms and conditions. They will also have reviews from their previous customers who have shared their experiences about particular products. Sometimes, people’s reviews can be very descriptive about a product, its fittings, and its comfort.

In short, make sure you follow these simple hacks to have a pleasant online shopping experience.

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