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Wool shirts are a staple in every trip. Though the packaging is not an easy job and requires a real decision making while choosing the outfits, it’s all about how much you have for your clothes. Travelling doesn’t give you a clear idea about when and how you will be able to do your laundry and that is why taking along clothes that we can wear again and again without washing is essential. Well, merino wool shirts fall in the same category. And here are a few reasons why you need wool shirts more than any other on your next trip.

Merino Wool & Regular Wool

It is much softer than regular wool. Thinking about the regular wool, all you can think of is the itchy fabric that keeps you irritated all the time. But these wool shirts are completely different. They have a touchy feel and are softer. Merino wool is made of a fibre that is finer than regular wool. Also, it has the best quality one could ask for from woollen wear. Merino wool shirts have great moisture-wicking and quick-drying qualities. They control the moisture in a way that you feel the most comfortable in all climatic conditions.

Merino Wool & Cotton

As we know, cotton comes from a plant and wool comes from an animal; both fabrics are popular in many ways. Cotton is the breathable one, and merino wool shirts have great heat retention quality. Though cotton is a great summer fabric, it still leaves that pungent smell of sweat during hectic summer days. Wool shirts, on the other hand, have the trait of wicking away the sweat. This also results in keeping you fresh all the time. Also, the fabric has remarkable antimicrobial properties, making it suitable for several washes similar to that of cotton.

Merino Wool & Synthetic Fabric

There is no doubt that merino wool shirts for men are better suited for base layers. Talking about synthetic fibre, though it dries fast and is cheap, it still fails to match the several other merino wool benefits. Because this wool is a natural fibre, therefore it will get decomposed in no time. The synthetic fabric, on the other hand, takes 30-40 years to get decomposed. Merino shirts are soft to touch and retain less odour than synthetic ones.

Wool shirts may be easy and comfortable, but at the end of the day, it is all about one’s personal choice. We hope this reason helps you choose better.

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