Nail Polish Evolution: Which Color Suits on Your Hand

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Have you ever taken a picture of hands, like after coming out of the saloon with a beautiful manicure or holding a colorful donut in hands?  But when the picture comes out, what you see how ugly your nails and hand look. Why is it so? There might be something wrong with the light effect, nail point, or donut fault. Hey, don’t the blame on the mouthwatering and delicious donut! Find the cause behind the ugly and unpleasant hands. Rather than cursing the images, it is the time to de-clutter the nail paints from your nail polish boxes.

So before buying the paint for your manicured nails, it is necessary to understand the idea of nail countering with beautiful polishes. Remember choosing the right color according to your skin tones gives a hand x-factor.  It is not essential to think a lot about your skin tone and the nail varnishes, but why not make your polishes purposeful.

Nail varnishes are the accessory that creates a big statement about personality. And find out how to pick the shade to flatter the skin undertone is essential. You need to understand the color of nail paint changes the entire persona of your hands. Some shade looks great on medium skin tones, light, and tan. It is fun to play with colors that go well with your skin complexion. So here is the perfect guide to choose the shade as per your tone.

Choose the Right Shades For Various Tones

Whenever you visit the market to buy nail paints, never fall for the attractive nail polish packaging rather than look for particular shades.

This guide will help you to pick the right shade for you. It does not mean that you stick to the guide only. It’s up to you to playful with various colors.

Medium to Olive Skin Tones

Hey! If you are born with olive or medium, then consider yourself lucky. It’s because you can carry any shade flawlessly but avoids rust and gold colors. Instead of rust and gold, try pinks, purples, wines, some nudes, and burgundy.

Tan Tones

Sun-kissed or freshly tanned skin looked amazing. So why don’t spice up your tan with wearing colors like red, orange, poppy blue, and fuchsia? Why do you try some neon green hades on your nail?

Light Tones

All ladies out there with lighter skin tones must try purples, peaches, pastels, and reds shades. Indeed, dark colors look fantastic, but there is a time when dark tone paint can make the hand goth-like.

So now it’s time to go for some personalized nail polish shopping.

Nail Paint for Olive and Medium Tone


Fall is around the corner, so upgrade your organizer with some burgundy shades. It is the glorious color for winter or fall. So whenever you are visiting the cosmetic shop, look for the shades that look like red wines. Deep red, plum or burgundy never disappoints you.


It looks like a custom nail polish color in blue is manufactured for medium and olive skin tones. Pastel and sky blue look fantastic on these tones.

Peachy Pink

For summer looks, you must have peachy-pink shades in your nail polish collections. Look for shades that are pigmented and sheer. Pigments like rose pink, peach, and coral seem sexy on the hands.

Shades for Tan Skin


For a tan, look for custom nail polish colors like fuchsia. This color will make sultry jazz up your sun-kissed look. It not only boosts the tan but also makes you look attractive and hot.


Have you bought an orange color? What is stopping you? It looks perfect on the beach holidays.


Red is a universal color for each skin tone. The way tan skin flaunts this color is unmatchable. The conventional red manicure does an excellent job of enhancing the tan.

Nail Paints for Fair Complexions

Nudes, grays, and reds flatter fair complexions. Here are some colors that looked great on you to give a lift to a pale skin tone.

Pastels Colors

What are the pastel shades? These colors have a less white and sheerer tint to it. These nail paints look beautiful on the pale skin.

Find the Color that Compliments you

If you are still confused and unable to memorize the chart, then there is a trick for you that might help. To determine whether the color flatters your skin tone or not, hold custom nail polish bottles to light against your hands’ back. Now you can check whether these dishes are lifting your tone or not. If you are still confused, then it is best to carry nudes color because it looks great on every tone.

Reorganize your Nail Paints in Nail Polish Boxes

Now you understand out to pick the right shades of varnishes for your beautiful hands. So rearrange your nail polish carrier with the shades that look great on you.