Tips To Prepare For Class 11 Applied Mathematics Course
Tips To Prepare For Class 11 Applied Mathematics Course

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The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has added a new subject “Applied Mathematics” in the Class 11 Syllabus. There is a lot of curiosity about this new subject among students. It is a mix of mathematical science and specialised knowledge in varying subjects. This article aims at providing in-depth knowledge about this new subject to students.

About Applied Maths

This CBSE Class 11 Applied Math subject involves applying mathematics in areas such as Engineering, Medical, Physics, etc. This is a beneficial subject for all those students who wish to make their career in Mathematics. The addition of the elective subject in the curriculum provides a detailed understanding of mathematics and its various applications to the students. This makes it a wonderful option to consider to make a great career.

Common applications of Applied Mathematics are as follows:

  • Information Theory
  • Signal Processing
  • Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Cryptography
  • Statistics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Wavelets, and
  • Game Theory

Objectives Of CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths

  • To link mathematics with other subjects.
  • To develop logical reasoning skills and use them for solving real-time problems.
  • To build a solid understanding of fundamental statistical and mathematical tools and their uses in the field of commerce and social sciences.
  • To implement real-world scenarios into mathematical expressions with the help of algebraic/ numerical/graphical representation,
  • To organise, represent, interpret, analyse, and create meaningful results from real-world circumstances.

CBSE Class 11 Syllabus Of Applied Maths 2021

Applied Mathematics subject comprise of seven chapters that are mentioned below along with their marking scheme.

Numbers, Quantification, and Numerical Applications09 marksAlgebra10 marksBasics of Financial Mathematics18 marksCBSE CLASS 11 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS12 marksCoordinate Geometry05 marksMathematical Reasoning06 marksCalculus10 marksProbability10 marks

How Does Applied Maths Differ From Core Maths?

  • Core mathematics helps solve problems; applied mathematics helps answer questions linked to varying fields such as chemistry, Commerce, Biology, Economics, Physics, economics, and more. This makes Applied Mathematics useful in the research areas of any company or organisation.
  • Core maths comprises pure numbers, and Applied Maths includes measurements and quantities.
  • Though the course contents are almost similar, students who take up an Applied mathematics course have to study one additional subject as “Three-Dimensional Geometry”.

How To Prepare For Applied Mathematics?

Experts suggest the following tips to help students enhance their subject preparation

  • Refer to the recent CBSE Class 11 Commerce Books that are based on the latest syllabus and pattern.
  • Read every topic in detail and practice an ample number of cases from CBSE Class 11 Applied Maths Book/ eBook. It will help you understand the concept well.
  • Practice sample papers and previous year papers to understand the exam pattern and type of questions and their weightage. It will help you gauge the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Take APPLIED MATHEMATICS COURSES ONLINE. Subject experts offer such courses to get a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Online mock test series and tons of live lectures help analyse your level of preparation. The more you will solve the test series, the more confident you will become. It will also help improve your weaker zones that will, in turn, help enhance your performance in the exam.
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