Arabic Girl Names

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Names for girls in Arabic culture

The Arab culture is rich in beauty and mysticism, and choosing a good name for your Arabic girl should reflect those qualities. The Arabic girl’s name carries a variety of meanings that define her in their way.

Arabic Girl Names

The names of Arabic girls are beautiful, poetic, and full of meaning. The lifestyle, culture, and beliefs of the Arabian peoples are strongly represented in them. Even calligraphic writing and thought generally exhibit fluidity and this can also be observed in Arabic names. In the Arab world, a cosmos founded on nature, spirituality, and nobility has arisen through the fusion of ideologies from various countries.

Whatever name you choose for an Arabic girl, whether it’s popular or unique, whether it comes from African or Hebrew influence, all Arabic girl names seem to carry the same impression of music, magnetism, and magic.

Arabic Girl Names

Not just among Arabs but also among non-Arabs, Arabic girl names are highly sought after. Because of their ethereal beauty and meaning, Arabic girl names are favored by people of all nationalities. For Arab girls, there are several beautiful and common names. The following are some of the most popular Arabic girl names with their meanings:

1. Amara

This name is ideal for a girl: it carries a sense of kindness, grace, and mercy, all characteristics you may want your daughter to possess.

2. Aaliyah

Arabic names with the meaning of Aaliyah usually mean ‘highest social standing.’ It is the most popular name among Muslims around the world.

3. Aisha

Aisha is a trendy Arabic name that means ‘living or prosperous’ and is quite popular everywhere.

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4. Calla

Calla is an unusual but attractive name for girls. It has the meaning of ‘beautiful.’ You can pronounce it as ‘KAELLaa.’

5. Cyra

This unique Arabic name means sun, throne, or lord. To pronounce this properly, say ‘Seer-a.’

6. Ezra

The name, which means ‘humble or salvation,’ is elegant, charming, and simple.

7. Farrah

Parents’ lives are filled with joy and happiness when they welcome a baby, so that this trendy Arabic girl name will make a wonderful choice. Farrah, meaning ‘happiness,’ is the Arabic equivalent of Farrah.

8. Gul

It is hard to find names with three letters that have a beautiful meaning! A name of Persian or Turkish origin, Gul, is usually pronounced like “rose.”

Nature-inspired Arabic names for girls

Almost everything around us draws inspiration from nature, and that includes baby name ideas. Many Arabic names are derived from nature-based inspirations. If you are a nature lover, you will surely find a choice among these baby names for your daughter that inspires you.


Shaden is the Arabic name for a baby gazelle that is independent. Additionally, it is an attractive and musical Arab girl name.


It is believed that the white falcon represents strength and agility in Arab culture.


name is derived from a wild dove, indicating someone blessed with foresight.


A unique girl’s name with inspiration from a filly.


In Arabic, it denotes the wonderful, innocent eyes, making it one of the most common names for girls.

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