Disney Wonderland Character

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Are you bored of sitting at COVID reception? Are you tired of watching old movies, web series, or playing old games on your phone and PC? Good news! There may be another game available for you mobile in both IOS or android – Twisted Wonderland, a Japanese game developed by Disney Japan and Aniplex. The sport is based on Disney villains and twisted wonderland characters. You will find the twisted Disney villains characters a great way to add some excitement to your dull life.


Yana Toboso, the creator of the Black Butler manga (comics and graphic novels that originate from Japan), is the brain behind the game. He is responsible for the majority of the concept, scenario and character design aspects of the sport.

The opening movie was animated by the famous Japanese animation studio Troyca Inc. Night Ravens’ “Piece Of My World”, the opening song to the twisted wonderland is catchy. Sumire Kowono is the manga’s artist and composer.


The Disney twisted wonderland villains are a collection of villains from various Disney works, including Alice in Wonderland and Snow White.

These characters add a rhythm to the sport and provide battle elements, making it more exciting. These twisted wonderland characters make the sport a “villains school adventure game”.


Don’t forget the twisted wonderland Wiki before you start the sport. This may be a community site where anyone can contribute. Twisted wonderland Wiki is an English unofficial wiki that contains information about twisted wonderland characters and games.

This twisted wonderland Wiki provides all the information you need to start a character, battle, summon, and other aspects of the sport.

ABOUT The Game

Install the Twisted Wonderland app on your smartphone. The app will greet you with the voice “Twisted Wonderland”, as the title appears on your screen. Tap on the screen to accept the terms by clicking the agree tab.

Next, enter the player name and protagonist names less than 8 characters. Click OK to continue. These twisted names will display your player name on your profile. The protagonist name is the name in the game.

You should not include any personal information or other contents that would violate the public or moral code. You can also change your name after the sport has started.


Which wonderland character would you choose? You can choose from seven dormitories that will house twisted wonderland characters to start a character during a twisted marvelland game. They are as follows:

(a) Heartslabyul

(b) Savanaclaw

(c) Octavinelle

(d) Scarabia

(e) Pomefiore

(f) Ignihyde

(g) Diasomnia

You’ll choose a student from each dormitory and then take their hand using the button on the screen. Then, click the “Yes” button to move forward. You will then receive the twisted name card. Don’t worry, the twisted characters card you choose won’t be your only option. There are many other routes to explore.

Once you have decided on your wonderland characters, it will be time to battle an enormous, dark-flamed, blue-flamed Chimera beast. The names of the twisted characters on your team will determine which one wins. Your crew can be defeated by the beast within three turns.


This game lets you play the role of a protagonist who wakes up in a strange place called Twisted Wonderland. You are freed from your coffin by Grim, a rowdy magical creature. Then you find yourself enrolled at Night Ravens College, a prestigious magic school.

The ceremony of assigning a dormitory to you reveals that you don’t have any magic mirrors knowledge and are from a different world.

Dire Crowley, the mysterious headmaster, surprises you and takes you to Ramshackle Dormitory when you are able to get your bearings. You are a Mr. Perfect for your ability to unite people and make twisted characters work together.

Grim and you are both enrolled together by the masked headmaster, as your magic knowledge is non-existent. The headmaster assigns you a task and gives you a special camera that is famous for recording memories. The headmaster gives it to you so that you can capture the lives of your classmates and yourself.

The scholars you are waiting for are talented and gifted, but they’re also great trouble-makers and non-cooperative in the twisted wonderland. Are you ready to work with them and return to your world? Are you aware of the tricks and techniques these twisted characters from Wonderland keep from you? Who is hiding the evil soul of …? behind these deceitful names?


These twisted characters will challenge you in this boring world. You can get relief from boredom by playing a mobile game. It also helps you to become something else. Mobile games can be used to help children with reading comprehension. They must follow all rules and regulations. They will read all the contents and follow the directions to find out more about the Disney characters. This not only improves their reading ability but also increases their imagination.