Arcane eye 5e

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The most popular types of role-playing games are action-themed. Different role-playing games have unique features, and multiple sites provide popular tips and tricks to complete your levels and get points. In the action role-playing game D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), there is a spell called Arcane eye 5e. All the details are in the player’s handbook, as the players should know how the Arcane eye 5e spell works. It is a divination spell and has a casting type of one action. There is a range of 30 feet in this spell, as well as material and verbal components. Players can create a magical invisible eye that glides in the air for a limited time. The invisible eye will last for the duration till the spell ends.

Attributes Of Arcane Eye 5e

Following are some of the attributes of the Arcane eye 5e spell.

  • There is a 1 Action casting time.
  • The range is 30 feet.
  • It has level 4.
  • It has the components V, S, and M, which are a bit of bat fur.
  • 1-hour spell.
  • The target is a point within the range.
  • The material is a bit of bat fur.
  • The classes are Wizard.

Is Arcane Eye A Creature?

A floating eyeball that can fly 30 feet per round remains floating throughout the spell but with the same stats and movement as a floating eyeball. The Arcane eye cannot be detected, and it also cannot be touched. As it hovers around, you need to see the invisible objects first to remove the Arcane eye. You can trap it, which is difficult, or de-spell it.

Movement Of Arcane Eye 5e Spell

You are creating invisible and magical eyes for a specific duration. The Arcane eye 5e spell stays for an hour. The eye hovers in the air, and you can receive information. The eyes have normal vision and also dark vision. The movement of the eye is accessible in all directions to 30 feet. It has unlimited movement directions but cannot cross the planes to other dimensions. Despite a 1″ diameter opening, a solid barrier blocks the eye’s movement.

D&D Spell Lists

Acid Arrow

The spell from the D&D spell list has a casting time of 1 action. Other spells have some range. This Acid Arrow spell has a range of 90 feet. The target is within the range and is with an instantaneous duration. An acid (shimmery green) arrow produces a spray of acid, which streaks across the target within range. Arrow hits the target, but if the target misses, half of the acid will be splashed by the arrow, creating no damage. The components of this spell are V, S, and M.

Alter Self Spell

In the D&D, the Alter Self spell has two transmutations, and the casting time is 1 action. The target and target range is “self.” When you want to cast a spell, you must select whether you want the spell for some time duration for “Aquatic Adaptation” or “Change Appearance.”

Aquatic Adaptation: In aquatic adaptation, you can adapt your body to the aquatic environments; as your body changes, the gills appear, and your fingers become webbing. As you walk, your body will move at the same speed.

Change Appearance: In the change appearance option, you can change your appearance according to your choices, such as height, size, voice, hair length, color, and other characteristics, and your size changes but the body shape will remain the same after the spell.

The components of this spell are V and S. The weapons are natural such as fangs, claws, spines, horns, or other natural weapons. The time limit of the Alter self spell is for 1 hour. The spell strikes cause piercing and slashing damage.

Arcane Hand 5 Evocation

Just like an Arcane eye 5e, you can create a sizeable hand. The shimmering hand has a translucent force in a specific space and has a 1-action casting time within the range of 120 feet. The hand spell will last up to 1 minute. The components of the Arcane hand are V, S, and M. The hand mimics your hand and moves about your command. After casting the hand spell, it can move up to 60 feet and causes different effects such as a clenched fist, forceful hand, grasping hand, and interposing.

Arcanist’s Magic Aura

The types of this spell are unique; it has 2 illusions and 1 action time casting. What you do is place the illusion on the object or any creature. The range of this spell is touch, so if you need to spell Arcanist’s magic aura, then touch the objects or creatures. When you are targeting the object, it can be a willing object or creature that another creature cannot carry. The spell’s components are a small square of silk and V, S, and M, lasting for 1 day (24 hrs). You can also select the effects for casting the aura spell: “False aura” and “Mask.” If you want to cast the spell until dispelled, you must select the object/creature daily and place the illusion on the same effect.

False Aura: Multiple objects are non-magical, and if you want to make them magical or change the aura of the objects, then you can make them easily with this spell. This spell can help you to change the magical effect as they appear. Using this spell, you can also make false magic to handle the different items on objects/creatures.

Mask: The spell will work for you if you can detect what type of creature it is. You must select the type of creature and other magic effects and target them.

What Distance Can Arcane Eye Cover In An Hour?

An arcane eye moves at a speed of 10 feet for each round (100 feet per minute). At the same time, they were gazing at the walls and the ceiling as well as the floor in front of it, or 30 feet for each round (300 feet per minute) when observing an area as a person would (mainly staring at the floor). It seems just as you would if you were physically present.

Which DND Campaign Is The Most Difficult?

Curse of Strahd, a remake of a well-known adventure, takes place in the ominous and horrifying Ravenloft setting and is purposefully one of 5e’s most complex campaigns. Although danger waits around in every corner, one of the most dangerous places in the game is the windmill Bonegrinder, which is home to a cover of Night Hags.


D&D, known as Dungeons & Dragons, is a worldwide famous role-playing game. The game has many amazing spells you can use and cast during the play. These spells can keep you safe and also can create damage. Arcane eye 5e is also a spell cast for a particular duration. It revolves around a certain distance until the spell ends and can move in all directions. Many players use different spells and enjoy the role-playing game.

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Are there any other casting spells in D&D?

Yes, there are many other spells such as Arcane hand, Acid arrow, acid splash, alter self, animal friendship, anima messenger, counterspell, and any more than you can use and cast a spell.

Do you know the level of Arcane eye and Arcane hand?

The level of the Arcane eye is 4, and the Arcane hand spell has a level of 5.