What do you know about the Arclight OSRS?

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Arclight OSRS is a demon-bane weapon requiring 75 Attack levels. In addition to its enhanced passive effect, Arclight is faster and has a modest attack bonus over Darklight.

Arclight osrs was released on the 5th of February 2012 as part of the Combat Improvements Beta. You can obtain the weapon by dropping it or purchasing it from another player. Like all weapons from the beta, it required a beta token to purchase and equip, which could not be refunded after un-equipping the item.

Arclight OSRS: better weapon

Arclight was introduced in 2012, so it has been around for much longer than Darklight. Most players have had time to accumulate several Ancient Warriors’ equipment or at least one piece (the helm) with high-strength bonuses. As such, many would consider Arclight the better weapon simply. Because they’re used to having it – even though there is no actual gameplay advantage over Darklight besides its cosmetic differences, since the introduction of Nex armor sets, all players should get a set of level 80 power armor within a few hours even if they lack good equipment and skill levels – lowering the gap between them and higher-leveled players who can use more powerful armors.

Arclight’s special Attack drains your opponent’s Attack, Strength, and Defence by 5% (10% for demons). The effect of draining Attack or Strength has a duration of about 50 seconds; the effect on Defence has no time limit. If an opponent dies while affected by this ability, their drained Attack, Strength, or Defence will not carry over to their next life.


Arclight OSRS: a variant of Darklight

The Arclight is a powerful version of Darklight. It works exceptionally well against demon-like monsters. As well as providing a passive effect with enhanced speed and attack bonus over its original counterpart, Arclight also has a passive effect with enhanced passive effects.

Arclight OSRS effect:

Arclight’s added effects against demons have a 10% chance with each hit to lower their Strength levels by ten percent for five seconds. This special effect does not stack with the effects of Karils’ crossbow or Korasi’s sword.

For example, using both the Sunspear (a five-second stun) and Arclight on one demon. The extra 10% hit chance on demons in Darklight’s passive effect has been removed and replaced with a 10% increase in accuracy against demons in Arclight.

The use of abilities such as Hurricane (for Ranged) or Quake (for Magic) does NOT activate the passive effect on Arclight. But abilities like tsunamis do. Additionally, Arclight only triggers the stat drain if you are hitting your opponent with an ability. If you’re using the conservative mode, then this won’t affect you at all.

What does arclight Osrs provide?

Arclight provides +46 Slash, Crush, and Stab bonuses; its predecessor provided only +43. The slash bonus is the same as that of an elemental longsword.

Arclight’s special ability:

Arclight passively has no increase in accuracy but does have a special ability against demons (stat drain). Arclight’s special ability does not harm players or teammates. Otherwise, it would be banned from PvP, and any monster that could drain stats would be extremely overpowered. The special ability does not override or affect existing abilities. 

Special Attacks:

The special Attack of Arclight can only be used once every two minutes in non-PvP combat and once every minute in PvP combat. This cooldown is shared with Darklight. If you use Arclight to lower your opponent’s Defence level, then switch to using Darklight to attack. And the lower Defence drain will not carry over to your next Attack.

Extra attack speed

The extra attack speed of Arclight (secondary to its accuracy increase) makes it more likely than before for consecutive hits to occur, which in turn increases the damage output per game tick.

Arclight appears:

Arclight appears purple and has a solid translucent blade. Similar effects are used, but different colors are chosen as each color scheme is unique to its respective weapon. Note that these colors do not affect gameplay in any way – they’re merely cosmetic choices.


If you want to reduce the number of shards required for Arclight, then do not add any when training non-combat skills. Each time an ancient shard is added to Darklight, its Strength level will increase by +1. And its accuracy will increase by +4. It can add up to 7 total shards, which gives it a maximum strength bonus of +75 and a maximum hit chance of 110%.

After multiple players complained that the Arclight at higher combat levels was not as powerful as portrayed in the news post, the stats were reevaluated and changed. It is possible to create a second Arclight, which will have 1000 charges independent of the first. It will have the same Strength level as the first one, but all the other stats are completely randomized – so they can be higher or lower depending on RNG. If you don’t want both, destroy the second one to get back half of the charges you put into it.

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How Can Darklight Be Reclaimed?

If a player misplaces Darklight, they can get it back by speaking to Gideon Bede at the chapel to the north of a Varrock museum. However, starting the updated Demon Slayer might be necessary before Darklight is presented.

How Do You Handle Large Bones, Osrs?

When placed, large bones provide 15 Prayer experiences. Presenting the bones in various ways will increase this: Casting Sinister Offering provides 45 XP. When presented somewhere at Sacred Bone Burner following the required faith level being reached, 45 XP is awarded.

Can Arclight replace Darklight?

Arclight does not replace Darklight, and both weapons are used depending on the type of monster you’re killing or your preference. Arclight only triggers the passive effect when hitting opponents with abilities. With the conservative mode activated, this will not affect you at all.

The time required to train an Arclight by killing abyssal demons is about 8 hours. The extra attack speed of Arclight (secondary to its accuracy increase) makes it more likely than before for consecutive hits to occur, which in turn increases the damage output per game tick.


Arclight is a homebrewed Weapon Infusible Version of Darklight that Noble Lord created. It is usable at 75 Attack, and it’s effective against Demon monsters. Arclight is good for training on Abyssal Demons with the usage of an Abyssal Whip or another weapon. That has a similar special Attack, such as Sunspear & Korasi’s sword.