OSRS Kourend quest

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

If you want to take a break from earning OSRS gold and take in some quests, then this Kourend quest is part of a series that you should look into. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you have probably started already, since you will need to have completed the X Marks the Spot quest first.

What OSRS Items Do You Need?

The only item that you will need is a feather, but you should take with you stamina potions, Kourend castle teleports, and a games necklace. You won’t have to fight any enemies, so no need to find OSRS gold for sale to buy a twisted bow or anything.

Great Kourend Quest Walkthrough

Firstly you need to head over to Port Piscarilius. You can do this by going to speak with Veos who can be found to the south of the pub at the most northern dock in Port Sarim. You can use the amulet of glory to get to Draynor Village, then head around the wall to the west of the village. When you arrive, talk to Veos again. You will be given an enchanted scroll, so use your feather on it to make the enchanted quill.

You now need to go and speak to store owners in certain areas to garner favor from them. To start with, we need to go and speak to Leenz in Port Piscarilius, before heading to Horace in Hosidius. Your third step is to go and talk to Jennifer from Shayzien. There are six in total, so the next two steps see us visiting Munty from Lovakengj, and finally Regath from Arceuus.

Once you have done this, you need to go back to Veos in Port Piscarilius since you have spoken to all of these store owners. You can then use your games necklace wintertodt camp teleport. Use it then head to the south, where you will find a dark area that has purple crystals. From there, you need to start heading east. Otherwise, you can pay 80,000 OSRS gp to bring back a dead fairy ring. You can then use the code C.I.S.

The last part of the quest involves you activating the mysterious orb that you should have in your inventory. You need to do this when you are near the Dark Altar. You can find this when you are to the east of Trossa. After you have done this, you can then go back to Veos to finish the quest.

Kourend Quest Rewards

When you complete the quest, you will then be able to claim your rewards. You get a quest point for finishing the Client of Kourend quest. You will also receive a couple of antique lamps as well. These can provide you with 500 XP for whichever skills you decide. You can gain 20% additional favour with a city that you choose by reading the Kourend favor certificate that you decide.

Are you struggling to decide what city you should be using the favor certificate on? A choice that would be good to go with is Port Piscarilius. This is assuming that you are not already at 30% favor with the area. The reason why you should choose this area is that getting the first 30% favor for Port Piscarilius can be expensive. Not only that but getting the favor even up to that point can take up a lot of your time as well.

Finally, you will get Kharedst’s memoirs as a reward. This is a book you can equip that is a gift from King Kharedst to his daughter. Veos purchased the book at an auction and will give you the book as a reward upon completion of the quest. You can read the memoirs if you wish, and they detail experiences that Rose and her father had.

If you lose pages before you have the chance to put them in the book, then you can reclaim them from the NPCs that you need to get them from. Should the book be charged when it’s destroyed, then it will retain all of the charges? You are also able to upgrade it to the Book of the Dead once you have finished the quest entitled A Kingdom Divided.

You can always buy OSRS gold to help you complete the quest, but thankfully it is only a short quest for you to have to complete. It’s a novice quest too, so difficult shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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