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As we know, self-esteem is a certain psychological basis for any successful relationship. We have studied the views of a number of well-known psychologists and decided to share general recommendations.

Causes of Low Self-esteem

Our attitude towards ourselves is formed in early childhood. Parents play an important role in this.

If the child is constantly reproaching, scolding, telling him that he is bad, and, for example, Petya is good, then the child feels that he is worse than others. Parents think they are raising their child in this way, but in fact they are crippling his psyche and making him a loser in life.

Besides parents, the child’s self-esteem is affected by his environment. If a child is bullied by his peers in kindergarten or school, he closes down, withdraws into himself and begins to hate everything around him.

Also, the cause of poor self-esteem can be a physical disability, or a developmental disability. For example, if a child wears glasses, he/she is likely to be teased by other children. Parents in this case should compensate for this defect.

For example, if a child is overweight, you can give him or her to a wrestling club. There he will develop physically, acquire the skill of self-defense and be able to prove in practice that he is not weak and can stand up for himself.

The formation of self-esteem is influenced by many factors. And also the reasons for low self-esteem may be:

  • Improper upbringing.
  • Repeated failures at an early age.
  • Improper goal setting.
  • Unhealthy environment, etc.

Love and Respect Yourself

Taking care of your physical and mental health is normal. Never berate or criticize yourself, don’t allow other people to do so, even in jest and even if they seem to be right. Don’t make yourself look bad, don’t talk about your problems and shortcomings.

Distance Yourself From Toxic People

Distance yourself as much as possible from anyone who systematically spoils the mood and undermines your faith in yourself. This can be friends who are constantly complaining or criticizing you for things you enjoy, like playing live casino games or having a job you like, even in good faith, men who don’t want to care and take responsibility, and only want to receive and consume, relatives, inspiring guilt.

Don’t Take Responsibility for Other People’s Problems

Putting your shoulder in a difficult situation is one thing, but constantly listening to someone else’s complaints and someone else’s “rescue” – a thankless task. Don’t listen to the constant complaints of parents, because then you won’t have the strength for your children. Don’t solve the problems of older relatives and other people in general. Avoid those who want to sit on your neck. Any adult can take care of themselves.

Choose the Right Environment

The right environment is an environment of self-sufficient, positive and resourceful people who treat you well and respect you. You should have a two-way communication, mutual exchange of good mood, useful information, interesting ideas, compliments, acquaintances.

Take Care of Your Happiness

Independently make each of your days happy. To switch to positive thoughts and to focus on something good for the psyche is more useful than to think over and chew over unpleasant thoughts or unsolvable problems for a long time.

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