Best ATV Tires for Dune Riding

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Tearing through a rugged trail on your ATV is an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Although your vehicle can handle any terrain, you have more control of your ATV when using the appropriate tires. Matching the landscape with a specific tire type keeps you safer and extends the service life of the suspension components. If you’re considering a trip to the dunes, you can examine these suggestions for installing the best tires.

Should You Keep a Spare Tire?

While shopping for ATV tires, you may wonder if you should buy an extra tire as a spare. Several online forums and blogs have addressed the question, and most responses reject the idea of using a spare. Since new tires (for any vehicle) are not cheap, buying an extra tire is an important issue when you’re trying not to overspend. Here are some of the reasons you can skip the spare tire purchase.

ATVs Bodies Are not Designed To Carry Spares

Tires require a significant amount of space for storage, and most standard ATVs are not outfitted with a tire compartment or hoist. A high-performance tire like the Maxxis Carnivore 30x10x14 would add considerable weight to your vehicle’s rear end and alter the ATV’s handling. Maintaining balance is essential for off-road riding in an open cockpit. If you place an eight-ply tire on the back of the quad, you have to adjust your riding stance to prevent a rollover.

Flat Tires Are Drivable

Although you shouldn’t ride on a flat for very long, you can ride carefully for few miles without causing additional damage. With a six-ply or greater tire, you can ride 10-12 miles on a flat. Some riders claim to have ridden over 20 miles with damaged tires, but you risk damaging the suspension and wheels if you ride too far. If you buy a spare, you can keep it in your primary vehicle or attached to the ATV trailer.

Tire Plugs and Pumps Take Up Less Space

You can easily store a bag of plugs, patches and a portable air pump on your vehicle without disrupting the weight distribution. If one of your 25x11x10 ATV tires has a flat, you can fix it on the spot and replace it at a later time.

Can You Ride on the Sand With Any Tire?

Riding on dunes is one of the most complex types of ATV off-roading, and you need the right equipment to stay safe and enjoy the experience. Factory-installed tires, all-terrain tires and mud tires are not suitable for driving in sand. If you install ATV tires for sand, you can maneuver through the dunes without losing traction or getting stuck. Rear sand tires have large paddles that scoop away the sand and allow you to accelerate without spinning out.

Sand tires are available in a straight paddle or a V-shaped pattern. Straight paddles allow you to travel faster over the sand, and V-shaped versions give you more control when you’re turning. Selecting the right tire tread depends on whether you’re more concerned about speed or handling.

Dune riding requires a higher level of skill, but once you’ve tried it, you may forget about forest trails and mud runs. Be sure to maintain a higher speed over the sand than other surfaces. Slow dune driving can cause your tires to sink. When you’re searching for new sand tires and other ATV accessories, you can visit an online aftermarket distributor for the best deals.