Best Study Site

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

If you are an architectural designer looking to pass the ARE 5.0 Exams, this site ARE Study Warrior has some amazing study material including flash cards, free details and free study tips as well ! Don’t wait til last minute to start studying up !  

When it comes to finding the right study material for the extremely difficult ARE Exams, it can be tough to know where to look exactly. There are plenty of old and outdated architecture books that you can use to find material to study, or you can go online and find a platform that has it all for study material in an easy to use format.  

ARE Study Warrior is one of those easy to use platforms. And super cheap compared to most sites that you will find out there ! Cost ranges from 29.99 to 36.99 for their subscriptions for each section.  

Plus Study warrior is just fun to use. Makes one feel like part of the study warrior team just jumping on the site. Believe me, you are not alone in this battle to pass your exams and become licensed. 

A lot of old sites aren’t compatible with your mobile phone, often barely loading after taking 20 seconds or not even loading. But this site looks brand new, and after personally logging on to their Warrior Ninja login on my phone to access subscriptions, it looks clean as ever and loads fast. That way you don’t waste valuable study time. 

They have gotten great reviews as well from several different US based architectural students looking to pass their 6 ARE tests on the first try.  

Some of the material and study questions overlap between the sections, which is the only negative really, but in the end this is helpful because if the same question shows up twice then you for sure will remember it right? 

It is said that PPD, Project Development and Documentation is one of the hardest exams to pass out of the 6 ARE Exams and they have over 550 + Warrior study cards for this section ! And you don’t have to pay for a yearly subscription, you can just get the monthly subscription for a couple months to test it out, to save money. 

They also mention on their site that you should study for your exams from several different sources, which makes sense and seems like a valid study tip because using just one study resource would be like bringing one pencil to a 3 hour written test. If that pencil breaks then you have no backup. It just wouldn’t be smart. You need to have a full quiver of sharpened pencils (aka great study resources) so that you are prepared for anything ! 

It’s just a cool resource, check it out…