Brian Flores Wife

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All About Brian Flores Wife

Everyone knows Brian as a great football coach, and he has had a great football career as a football assistant coach from 2008 to 2018. Brian Flores wife, whose name is “Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores,” came into the limelight when Brian sued the NFL and other teams for discrimination, as everyone knows about Brian Flores. Brian Francisco Flores is a famous football head coach. She is 42 years old as of 2023 and has not taken on any specific job since she was born in 1981 in the USA. She has three children and living a happy life.

Brian Flores Wife Occupation

Before marrying Brian, Jennifer worked as a teacher at “Attleboro” and left the job after getting married. She started her job in England, and then she shifted to Miami. There is no related information about her job, whether she is working in Florida or not. She started working as a teacher for the cause of charity.

Jennifer Flores Charity Event  

Facebook is a social media account where millions of people create their IDs and share their photos and videos to make memories. Jennifer worked for many charitable events and participated actively. She also shared her photographs of the charity events on Facebook. In 2021 she organized an event for the cancer center at Miami University. Jennifer and the dolphin coaches organized it amazingly and actively. You can read all the details of her charity event and campaign to save lives from cancer through her Facebook page.

Brian Flores Career

As Brian is globally known as a football coach. He worked as an assistant coach for about eleven seasons and three seasons as a coach for linebackers. He was brilliant in his work and had done multiple jobs. In 2004 he started working as a scouting assistant, and in 2018, he was also known as “Patriot’s defensive player” for his great work as a defensive coordinator.

Brian’s Early Life & Achievements

In 1970, Brian was among the immigrants who relocated to the US. His early life was in New York; according to the resources, he is of 41 years. Once he had graduated with a graduate degree in “English,” he proceeded with a master’s degree in administration.  Brian has excellent achievements in his work, and after years of hard work, he got many awards for college. He becomes a member of the “All-Academic Team.”  In 2016 his team ranked in first position, and he remained as coach from 2012 to 2015.

Brian And Jennifer’s Children

Getting into the limelight as Brian Flores wife has also sparked people’s interest in her personal life. She is living a happy married life with Flores and has three children. Two sons are “Maxwell” and “Miles,” and the daughter’s name is “Liliana.” No other information is disclosed or shared.

Net Worth Of Brian Flores Wife

Jennifer Maria was a teacher before getting married and participated in charity programs; now, she is a housewife. As Brian has a net worth of more than 6 million dollars, she has approximately 3 million dollars of net worth.

Jennifer Instagram

She is using Instagram, and people can follow her, but she uses a different user id. She is not on other social media accounts and is focused on her family.

Brian Flores Net Worth

Apart from his controversies and court trials for racism, he worked very hard. He mainly earned his as a football coach with great hard work and achievements. His annual salary from Dolphins was between 500k dollars to 3 million dollars. His total net worth is approximately 6 million dollars, and he is still working and earning more.

Assets Of Brian Flores

So far, from his earnings, he has two houses, one in New York, where he lived his early life, and the other in Miami. To meet his family, he went to their home mostly on weekends. He has other assets besides his home, such as a great collection of cars. These cars are beautiful and have unique features and high speed. From his collection, he owns “Chevrolet Camaro GT,” “Ford,” “Impala,” and many more. He likes to ride his unique cars, and mostly, he rides them on off days.

Quick Facts

1) Flores has worked as a New England Patriot offensive coordinator for the last 11 years, the last three as the linebacker’s coach. He initially worked there in 2004 as a recruiting consultant. He directed the Patriot’s key stops in 2018 while not holding the secondary coach position.

2) Flores was a linebacker for Boston University, earning three letters, starting two seasons, and being a member of four Bowl-winning squads. At his graduation in 2003, he was still a Big East Academic All-Star Team member.

3) The Patriots consistently placed among the top 10 in the NFL. In terms of the lowest score surrendered during Flores’ seven years as a defensive coordinator on New England’s secondary. In 2016, they were ranked first in the league.


Brian has an outstanding career as a coach. He has worked as an assistant coach, head coach, scout coach, and many more. He also faced racism and sued NFL and three teams. Brian Flores’s wife became known for supporting her husband after he sued the NFL. He also earned from his multiple jobs and has a total net worth of approx 6 million dollars in 2023.

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How many brothers does Brian have?

Brian Flores has four brothers.

Do you know when Brian was born?

He was born in Feb 1981.

Is Brian still working with Dolphin?

No, he was fired from the team as a coach of Dolphin.