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Introduction of Sarah Brag

In this article, you will learn all the exciting information about Sarah Barg, her life, career, age, and net worth. Sarah Brag is a famous and well-known American former actress. Her ethnicity is Caucasian. The total value of Sarah Barg is approximately $20 million. Her nationality is American. Her main reason for her popularity is her Ex-husband Glen Campbell, the most famous music celebrity in America.  Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Life of Sarah Barg

She was born in the united states of America in 1947. She is 76 years old as of 2023. Sarah is the EX wife of famous songwriter Glen Campbell. She is also the EX wife of the famous singer Mac Davies. Sarah does not have any children from her first husband. She has a son from her second husband. The main reason for her popularity is her relationships with celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Information about the career of Sarah Brag

According to some resources, she is a businesswoman. Some resources also claim that she is a model. There is no authentic information about her profession. Even she has not mentioned anything about her profession on social media.

Married life of Sarah Barg

She tied the knot two times. First, she married Mac Davies, and later she married Glen Campbell. Both of her husbands were well-recognized music artists. Sarah Barg got married to Mac Davies in 1971. They remained together for 5 years. They announced their separation in 1976. After getting divorced, she got married to Glen Campbell in 1976. She remained with him for 4 years. They both got separated again in 1980. Both of her marriages ended up in divorce. Nowadays, she is also in a relationship. The name of her boyfriend is Dylan Campbell.

The appearance of Sarah Barg

Sarah Barg is the most beautiful celebrity in the American entertainment industry because of her appearance.

  • Her height is approximately 5 feet 5 inches.
  • The color of her eyes is hazel.
  • Her weight is approximately 55 kilograms.
  • The color of her hair is dark brown.
  • Her complexion is fair.

Education of Sarah Brag

Sarah Barg got her early education from her hometown. No confirmed information about her university life is available on social media.

Family members of Sarah Barg

She is an actress who wants to keep her personal life private. She has not shared any information about her father, mother, and siblings on social media.

Sarah Barg age

She is 76 years old as of 2023. Her birthplace is America. She was born in 1947.


She is not honored with any award.

Television series by Sarah Barg

There are a lot of television shows in which Sarah Barg made her appearance. The most famous television series of her are:

  • Dexter is the most popular television series by Sarah Barg.
  • Another famous television series by Sarah Barg is wedded.

Favorite things of Sarah Barg

Favorite things of Sarah Barg
  • The favorite actor of Sarah Barg is Johnny Depp.
  • The favorite actress of Sarah Barg is Jennifer Aniston.
  • Her favorite place in Switzerland.
  • The favorite color of Sarah Barg is white.
  • She loves hiking.
  • Sarah spends most of her spare time in cardio and yoga.
  • She loves to do exercise.

Social media accounts

She does not share her personal life on social media. She prefers to keep her life private. Moreover, she is not active on social media.

Height of Sarah Brag

The height of Sara Brag is 5 feet 5 inches. The weight of her body is approximately 55 kilograms.

The net worth of Sarah Brag

The total net worth of Sarah Brag is approximately $5 million.

Information about EX husbands of Sarah Barg

Her first husband is Mac Davies. He is an actor, songwriter, and singer. His hometown is Lubbock, Texas. They both were in a relationship for a very long time. The couple got married in 1970 and separated in 1976. They remained together for 6 years after marriage. She got married to Glen Campbell in 1976. He is a singer, actor, guitarist, and television host. The most famous comedy television show Glen Campbell is The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. He was born into a poor family. Max earned all the fame and reputation through his hard work and determination.

He is a very famous pop music singer. More than 80 songs by Glen Campbell reached the billboard, more than 30 songs reached the top 10, and more than 9 songs reached the number 1 spot. Sarah Barg met him at a music event. They both fell in love with each other. They both dated for more than one year. She was in a relationship with Glen Campbell when she was the wife of Mac Davies. After the divorce, she got married to him. They both remained together for a few years and then got separated. They also have a son.      

Glen Campbell

  • His show aired on CBS television. The name of his show was The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.                        
  • He started his career as a session musician in 1960.
  • Glen lived in Los Angeles.           
  • He died on February 6, 1993.
  • At the time of their death, their total net worth of Glen Campbell was approximately $50 million.       
  • After separation, he got married to Billie Jean Nunley. They both have three children. Their children’s names are Kane Campbell, Kelli Campbell, and Travis Campbell.   
  • After the divorce, he had a relationship with Tanya Tucker. She was a singer by profession. They both dated for a very long time but never got married. Their relationship was very popular among the people.

Awards won by Glen Campbell.

  • He won a lot of awards in his career, including:
  • Glen achieved the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.
  • He also won Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.


He was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He left the world at 80 due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Mac Davies

  • After the divorce, he got married to Lise Gerard. She is a nurse. They have two cute children. The names of their children are Noah Claire and Cody Luke.                   
  • The total value of Mac Davies is $12 million. 

How Much Money Does Sarah Barg Make?

Glen Campbell, an American singer, and Sarah Barg are well-known for being spouses. She also pursued an acting career, yet she was not well-known. Although her source of earnings is still unknown, she may have earned a significant amount of money, which may have been her primary source of income. She also separated to inherit a percentage of her spouse’s assets in her two marriages. About $20 million is predicted to be her net worth in 2023. About $50 million is how much money her late husband was worth.

Quick Facts

  • She has American nationality.
  • Her ethnicity is Caucasian.
  • She is popular due to her relationships with celebrities in the entertainment industry.
  • The religion of Sarah Barg is Christianity.
  • The birth sign of Sarah Barg is Gemini.
  • She has 5 feet 5 inches in height.
  • Her weight is 55 kilograms.

Different projects by Sarah Brag

Different projects in which Sarah Brag made her appearance were:

  • She worked for the department of universal production service.
  • She also worked with NBC.
  • Sarah also worked as a post-production coordinator.
  • She made her appearance in a popular show, weds.
  • She also made her appearance in another popular show, dexter.


Due to the nature of Sarah’s relationship, she was involved in many controversies. She was accused of targeting rich and famous people and praying with charm and beauty. There was a rumor that she was unsatisfied with the same partner. She was too much interested in men. People accused her of leaving her husband after getting attracted to Glen’s money and fame. She was not a media person and preferred not to give any interviews. Sarah still keeps her life private, and she does not have any social media accounts. She is not active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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We have discussed Sarah Barg in detail, her life, career, age, and net worth. She is an American actress. Sarah Brag got married twice in her life. Her first husband was Mac Davies. The name of his second husband was Glen Campbell. The total value of Sarah Brag is $5 million. She has no children. She is famous for being the second wife of famous musician Glen Campbell.

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What is the age of Sarah Barg?

She was born in 1947. The current age of Sarah Barg is 75 years old.

How many children does she have?

She has only one child from her second husband.

Is she a businesswoman?

There is a rumor that she runs her own business. There is no confirmed information about this rumor available on social media.

Has she won any awards?

No, she has not won any awards.

What is the total value of Sarah Brag?

The total value of Sarah Brag is $5 million.

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