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Ahhh, summer. The time of year we all look forward to so we can get a little more laid back and relaxed.

Depending on where you live, summer can be a time when school is out, and your annual vacations commence, or your plans include road trips to the beach and beyond.

All of these destinations have one thing in common: You need your car to get there. Yet, so many vehicles choose the summertime to start breaking down and causing problems.

Why is this such a frequent occurrence, and is there anything you can do to prevent the dreaded summertime car breakdown? Read on to find out!

1. Battery Issues From Hot Temperatures

When your car has a lot of extra stress on it, as happens with extreme cold and hot temperatures, that pressure leads to quickly evaporating battery fluid.

Driving the car should recharge the battery, but if you’re draining it fast by charging too many devices for a long time or your battery is old, you could end up leaving the beach and finding out your car won’t start.

Typically, all it takes is a jump-start from another vehicle to get your car juiced up again. If you don’t have jumper cables or anyone to help you, call roadside assistance or your local law enforcement (not 911).


2. Tire Issues Due to Pressure Changes

Anyone who has driven long enough in cold weather knows that the extreme temperatures affect tire pressure. But when it’s hot, it can have similar effects.

As the air pressure increases and decreases, it causes your tires to wear out faster. When your tires aren’t inflated enough, they overheat, which becomes a serious threat to everyone around you.

Underinflated tires on your car increase your chances of a blowout. Unlike a flat tire, these are hard to control. Statistics show that around 2,000 accidents per year, 200 of which are usually fatal, are caused by tire blowouts. 

You don’t want to unintentionally let your car tires deflate and end up on the wrong side of dealing with a wrongful death lawyer, but it happens. Always check your tires to see if they look right, and ensure your car’s PSI (tire pressure) system is working.

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3A Quick Glance At Inpatient And Outpatient Treatment. Fuel Issues Keeping Your Car From Starting

Your car runs on fuel. This works similar to how your body circulates blood to ensure your organs function properly. The fuel in your vehicle has to circulate through the right systems to start and move your car.

But when it’s too hot, we don’t want to move, and neither does the fuel in our car. If you’re dealing with extreme temperatures and your car refuses to start, but it’s not the battery, it might be a fuel issue. Fuel doesn’t circulate well in the heat if your coolant levels are low.

Use the owner’s manual in your car to find out how to check your coolant, or take it to a mechanic’s shop before temperatures start soaring. Your engine is naturally hot when it’s running. It needs coolant to help it on a normal day, and even more when the weather is scorching.

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4. Your Car’s Running Funny Because Your Other Fluids Are Low

Fuel and coolant aren’t the only important fluids that keep your car in good health. It needs engine and radiator coolant, transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid to function optimally.

The hot temperatures can thin out some of these fluids and cause them to evaporate. When there isn’t enough liquid to lubricate the parts of the engine, they’ll keep moving until the friction causes damage. If you let it go too long, the harm can permanently destroy your engine.

Checking your fluids regularly in hot temperatures prevents this issue. Learn how to gauge those fluid levels and tell if they’re low, or schedule an oil change and let your mechanic check them out for you.

Letting any of these fluids get low will cause your car to drive erratically. The engine could “freeze up,” or your brakes and power steering won’t work. None of these are fun problems to have, but they’re all easily avoidable with preventative maintenance.


Your summer itinerary may be action-packed with fun trips or running your kids all over the city. No matter what’s on the agenda, you don’t want to add “dealing with a broken down car” to your list. Watch for these four common summer breakdown causes, and take steps to prevent them today.

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