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Hybrid events are easier to host than everyone thinks after listening. Most people believe that hosting a hybrid event means they need very advanced technology like augmented reality, virtual reality holograms or many same kinds of these technologies.

Any person can host a successful hybrid event because it does not need vast experience or expertise in technology. This article is about what exactly is a hybrid event and some of its benefits that you can have.

What Exactly Is A Hybrid Event?

In simple words, hybrid events are a mixture of both virtual and live events. You can create any hybrid event by selecting your live event and then you can complete the whole event with the content, audience and with many more. You can also add components so that your audiences also can become engaged and can take participation in that event from anywhere in the world.

The most important aspect of any hybrid event is the engagement of audiences. For instance, the TedX show, the show is very educational, and inspiring but not at all engaging.

The main difference between a hybrid and a live event is engaging mass with the help of technology. People in hybrid events cannot just see on their PC or mobile but can also comment or send feedback during the event is going on.

  • Advantages Of Hosting Hybrid Events

What is necessary for hosting a hybrid event? Is a Hybrid event worth having extra resources and set up?

Many people do not know that hybrid events are happening from the year 2012 when CDC had to organise one because they could afford to bring audiences for their live event. They organise hybrid events because their audiences can engage and learn from that event without any hassle and also, they can give flexibility to their audiences.

1. Increased Attendance and Reach

There is a very big misconception among people that audiences can only take part in events either live or virtually only and there is no in-between thing. Many people can think by organising a hybrid event will split your audiences.

But it is absolutely the opposite as hybrid events increase both the reach and attendance of audiences. There are several studies which also stated that there almost 98% of people attended the hybrid event but would not join that event live. This statement suggests that a hybrid event can bring people who are not interested to join the event live or they are not aware of the advantages of that event.

Many people want to join any event live but cannot do due to several reasons. But the hybrid events will give the audience the flexibility that they need.

2. Engagement With Audiences Are Higher

Adding virtual elements, in any event, is always good because it increases the engagement of audiences more than any live event both during the event is going on and post-event.

This happens because the audiences who are joining via their mobile, laptop, or PC can comment on that event, can like or even they can share the event with those who are not aware of the event happening. The organisers can also interact with the virtual audiences by creating polls or Q&A sessions and many more during the event is live or after it ends as well.

3. Sponsor Opportunities Also Rise Up

In a hybrid event, the chance of getting more sponsors also rises because the sponsors need both audiences. According to many reports, almost 72% of corporate sponsors invest in hybrid events. This is because hybrid events are more profitable for the sponsors than normal live events.

The foremost important reason is doubt reach. Hybrid events always have greater viewership, which means more profit for the sponsors. People become more engaged with hybrid events; they can interact directly with the performers as well. This increases the participation of people.

Another reason is the opportunity of sponsoring is more because here apart from sponsoring the event they can even sponsor live streams, apps for the events and many more.

For any sponsor, the most vital thing is that they can earn their profit from what they have invented and the chance of earning more profit is more in hybrid events rather than in traditional live events. That is why investors prefer events to happen in a hybrid mode more than only in live mode.

4. Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact

We are now already aware of the impact that affected the environment and reduced the rate of travelling for people. Many reports are indicating that energy usage has dropped by 6% globally. It may seem not that threatening but it can lead to becoming our whole country without any light at one time.

Meeting face-to-face is still relevant today but if any meeting or event can be done in a hybrid way then it is always welcome. In this way, you can join the meeting or engage in the event by reducing carbon emissions.

If there are fewer people, then the need for catering will be less then there will be less disposal which is healthy for our environment. After reading the entire article you will understand the benefits of hybrid events and why most live event organisers have to shift towards hybrid mode in future.

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