Preliminary Estimate

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Get Your Idea the Confirmation It Needs from The Experts with Preliminary Estimate

We come across ideas all the time. Some get lost in the mind long before we ourselves can recognize them while some are lost due to lack of proper guidance. Although the ones lost in the ideation process are unreasonable, ones that are lost due to deficiency of guidance can be saved and used for better results. To solve this preliminary estimate is offered by estimators in which concept constituting in the mind is used and with the help of past estimates the cost of the whole project is calculated.

How it works

Whenever someone thinks of constructing some building, there is only a rough sketch in their mind. This sketch is far away from an actual design laying way before all phases. Even while starting, construction requires a fully ready design. The design that could provide the basis for the literal construction. But that is not only this. 

First question is to know, is this idea even possible? If yes, then what will be the cost of all that? Which materials could be used in the process? And what could be the face of the actual outcome? These questions are almost impossible to answer without precise blueprints. But with preliminary estimates all this becomes very easy. If the person with the idea wishes to know what possibly his or her idea can do, all he or she has to do is to get a preliminary estimate.

Since there is no proper plan in existence, estimators keep factors like measurements of the site area. They take these measurements and combine them with the previous conducted estimates. This combination allows them to get a fairly accurate estimate. While this combination offers an assessed cost of the whole project with a similar sort of evaluation about the material requirement, this estimate contains estimates of almost every trade and service included in complete detailed estimates but with a lesser level of accuracy.

Benefits of Preliminary Estimate

Although the preliminary estimate is based on just the mental construct and for the very reason these estimates are not as accurate as the detailed estimates. Still, as these estimates cover almost every trade regardless of the lack of accuracy, they provide great help to builders with construction ideas. These estimates provide benefits such as:

  • Explain the possible rough outcome of the mental concept
  • Present client with estimated cost
  • Give guidance about the budget and need for loan
  • Help deciding whether to go forward with the idea or not
  • Steer in direction to find right contractor in case it is good to go
  • Assist in making beneficial decision

Most importantly, preliminary estimates make way for further decision making and detail estimating. In the next phase as the preliminary estimate succeeds in convincing the idea originator that his or her idea would fly, comes in the process of construction. Thus, arises the need of further, more detailed and accurate estimates. One of the most predominant ones would be construction estimating services where the design is final and full, made along with every material and cost details in an exact and complete manner. Resultantly, this complete design provides the perfect way to practically start the project and have the result he or she has dreamt. 

Since preliminary services cover almost every sort of item. They furthermore support as a base for later estimates like electrical estimating to be fully attached to the thought proposal. With an already conducted preliminary estimate it becomes quite easy to work on with the second estimate. First estimate stands as a less accurate but second opinion reassuring service availing clients about the accuracy of the second one.

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